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True Blood

True Blood Season 5: What Happened to Terry Bellefleur in Iraq?

We're used to Terry Bellefleur being a huge weirdo, but we always chalked his strange behavior up to PTSD from his days as a soldier in Iraq. But now Terry has taken his "unique" personality to a whole new level of deranged.

Not only did he shove Arlene (whoa there!), but he also appears to be a pyromaniac. Sigh, demon baby from last season does not approve.

Terry's plot line is awash in mystery, but here's what we know:

1. He and Patrick have some crazy old war buddy who may or may not be supernatural, and might be trying to kill everyone in their unit.

2. Terry is going on a roadtrip to find said war buddy, but it's super secret.

3. Terry is terrified of fire, probably because he's a sleepwalking arsonist.

As you can tell, we have no idea what Terry's creepy deal is, and everytime he walks on camera in his sad little bomber jacket, we shed a lone tear in WTF confusion. Someone better explain what's going on with our favorite sous chef before he goes completely crazy and leaves Arlene high and dry!

What the heck is Terry up to? Weigh in below!

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06.26.2012 / 05:26 AM EDT by Mehera Bonner
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