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True Blood

True Blood Spoilers: A Face From Tara’s Past Reappears

When you suddenly become a vampire, after hating the supernatural species for so long, there's bound to be some 'splaining to do.

That will be especially difficult for Tara Thornton, who doesn't seem to want to even continue un-living. So we're highly curious to find out if, when, and how she plans to tell her mother, Lettie.

Actress Adina Porter tells E! Online she is returning to the show this season. But before we get our hopes up for another Tara/Lettie showdown, Lettie says their meeting might not take place in the present.

"With True Blood you never know how I'm coming back because there are flashbacks," she teases.

"There are flashbacks, there's the future … a person can appear in many different ways."

The future?! Don't think we've seen that on True Blood before. But hell, this is Bon Temps. Time travel wouldn't make anybody blink.

Source: E! Online

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