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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Vicki Gunvalson Gives Up Fur After PETA Attacks Her Real Housewives of Orange County Finale Wardrobe

The Season 7 finale episode of Real Housewives of Orange County is the last time you’ll see Vicki Gunvalson donning fur.

Vicki received a strongly-worded letter from PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) about her choice to wear a fur coat gifted to her from her boyfriend Brooks Ayers on Season 7, Episode 20. Vicki certainly wasn't shy about showing off her fur at the party. But PETA's plea made such an impression that Vicki has now decided to give up the controversial garb for good.

Vicki blogged about the news on Bravo and explained, “The world has changed and I must change as well. Fur, while it was never something I needed or specifically wanted, it was in my mindset as something glamorous and a sign of success for a woman. That is absolutely no longer the case. When PETA sent me video footage of investigations on fur farms, I was horrified by the cruelty involved. These animals endure terrible pain and this cruelty is something I do not want to ever be a part of. After seeing what happens in this industry, I have chosen to partner with PETA to raise awareness and will not wear fur in the future.”

She’s already made good on her promise to champion PETA’s cause. Yesterday, Sarah Winchester posted a snarky tweet about the news: “I only wear faux fur. I have a heart unlike some people.” Vicki responded by pointing out, “I saw u with a leather purse! Animal cruelty is not only in fur unfortunately!

Source: Bravo

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