3 Reasons Charlotte Grayson Will Die on Revenge
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3 Reasons Charlotte Grayson Will Die on Revenge

The finale of Revenge’s first season left three characters’ lives in the balance. We know that either Victoria, Charlotte, or Lydia will be six feet under come Season 2, and our money’s on young Charlotte.

But we didn’t come to this conclusion at random. Here are the top three reasons why we’re convinced Charlotte Grayson will be the one to die in Season 2.

1) Victoria Grayson Can’t Be Dead

Madeleine Stowe is far too fantastic to be written off the show. That’s a simple statement of fact. Another fact is that actor Josh Bowman has already said Vicky’s not a goner. There’s no way they’d get rid of the show’s biggest star for the second season.

2) Creator Mike Kelley Said Death Will Be Tough for Audiences

In an interview with TV Line, Revenge creator Mike Kelley said that one of the potential three victims was definitely dead and added, “Yes, it’s an important death. At least one of the characters will have died, and it’s going to be difficult for fans to [accept].”

Audiences would struggle with the death of a character as young as Charlotte, because it’s never easy to accept loss so early in life.

This also basically eliminates Lydia from the list of victims because few Revenge fans would care about her since she’s the no-good tramp of Conrad Grayson. And if it’s between losing Victoria and Charlotte, it looks like the youngest Grayson’s got to go.

3) Charlotte’s Death Will Impact Multiple Characters

Apart from the fact that Charlotte is one of the show’s youngest characters, her death will also affect a slew of characters, including Declan, Conrad, Victoria, Daniel, and Emily.

Declan is sure to feel guilty for shouting at her on the phone just minutes before she ODed. Conrad will blame himself (or Victoria) for Charlotte’s early exit. Victoria will blame herself since Charlotte overdosed after thinking her mother was dead.

Daniel will realize that his twisted involvement with Grayson Global kept him from spending time with his sister (seriously, we haven’t seen them together since the pilot). And Emily will blame her revenge-based actions on her half-sister’s death.

The ramifications of Charlotte’s death will be interesting enough to make it far from meaningless.

What do you think? Will Charlotte be the one to die?

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