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Bones Season 7: Our Top 7 Favorite Moments!

Bones' seventh season might be over (sob!), but its best moments will live on in our hearts for years to come. Check out our roundup of the 7 biggest highlights of the season, including but not limited to that one time Brennan (Emily Deschanel) birthed our future lord and savior out of her lady parts and angels sung on high.

7. Brennan Starts Her Life On The Lam
Our jaws hit the floor when Brennan packed Christine into a car and put pedal to the medal without saying goodbye to Booth (David Boreanaz). Who knows where she's going, what she's doing, or –– more importantly –– how Baby Christine is going to survive without Montessori school, but OMG. Come back to Washington, Brennan! We have no doubt that Brennie will be back by next season, but we're still traumatized by the thought of her wandering around podunk towns in the south while a homicidal killer tries to frame her for murder.

6. Cam (Tamara Taylor) Reveals Her Inner Twilight Fan Girl
We've always had Cam pegged as the Jeffersonian's resident mega babe / party buzzkill, but it turns out girlfriend has quite the past... As a blood-sucking, fang-popping vampire! Yep, Cam starred in Invasion of The Mothersuckers, a B-list fright fest about vamps, which happens to be our new favorite movie ever. Raise your hand if you think Cam should rock a belly shirt and fangs more often? They'd go perfectly with the business casual look she works at the Jeffersonian.

5. Bone Of Contention: Best Movie Of Our Generation
It's time to start a prayer circle in the hopes that Fox will make Bone of Contention into a feature film, because OMG: Slow-motion, pyramids, and exploding squinterns? We are so there! Sure, the special effects on this bad boy were hardly Oscar-worthy, but as far as we can tell the flick features two special agents in Egypt who get attacked by a fleet of space aliens and crazy red lasers. This puts Mulder and Scully to shame. Let's just say, if LOL starring Miley Cyrus can be made into a movie, so can Bone of Contention. We rest our case.

Credit: Patrick McElhenney/FOX © 2011 Fox Broadcasting Co.    

4. Brennan Pops Out Her Baby, Innocent Horse Goes Blind
The image of Brennan pushing her progeny out of her lady parts in slow motion while a bunch of farm animals presumably went both deaf and blind was truly beautiful –– and who knew Booth would be so good at delivering a baby? Of course, certain questions remain unanswered, like why Brennan's hair looked so perfect afterwards, or why she wasn't immediately booked into a hospital after giving birth in a dirty barn. But shhh, don't question it.

3. Parker Goes Crazy, Becomes Suffering Artist
Like most kids with genius baby sisters, Booth's first lovechild, Parker, has issues. Not only did he leave the country when Christine was born (backpacking trips around Europe = so much soul searching), he let his hair grow out into a tangled '90s mushroom cut. Never a good sign. Poor Parker has no outlet to express his feelings, so naturally he's become an artist. His forte? Mobile-making. Like any true creative prodigy, Parker had to destroy several prized family objects in order to express himself, but the result was truly poetic. And when Baby Christine projectile vomits all over his mobile in the midst of an eye-roll, it will just add to the charm.

Credit: FOX ©2011 Fox Broadcasting Co.    

2. Booth And Brennan Pack On The PDA!
Nothing puts Brennan in the mood for lovin' like a rotting skeleton and breeding maggots, and she could barely contain the fire in her loins when coming across a dead body in the woods. Maybe it was the fact that so many femurs were around (total turn-on), or maybe her mommy hormones made her feisty, but we've never seen Brenny plant such a passionate kiss on Booth's lips! Even Mr. Cocky himself seemed shocked, probably because he's used to their relationship consisting of eye-rolls, breast milk and human remains. If the SUV is a rockin', don't come a knockin'.

1. Booth and Brennan Reignite the Spark
Die-hard Bones fans have been waiting for Booth and Brennan to seal the deal since they locked eyes way back in season one. Nowadays, B&B do the dirty all the time, but having a baby put a damper on their sex life–– until Booth came home with a few pints of ice cream and a load of undies for Brennan to slip into! This was the most intimate we've seen our favorite on-screen couple, and they didn't even do anything but smile and smooch! Finally, we have something to fill the pages of our fan-fiction with other than sexual tension-filled bickering.

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