Bow Gate Continues: Sarah Winchester Calls Heather Dubrow’s Marriage “a Facade”
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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Bow Gate Continues: Sarah Winchester Calls Heather Dubrow’s Marriage “a Facade”

It seemed like Real Housewives of Orange County star Heather Dubrow would be staying relatively drama-free for her inaugural season on the show, but whoa no. This feud with Sarah Winchester is getting pretty nasty indeed.

The latest installment comes courtesy of Sarah Winchester’s latest Bravo blog in which she refers to Heather Dubrow’s 12-year-long marriage — with four children, no less — as a “façade.”

Responding to the Bow Gate incident in which she got ganged up on by Heather and most of the other Housewives for eating a part of Heather’s cake at her name-changing celebration with hubby Terry Dubrow, Sarah wrote, “I really didn't understand what the whole ‘Big To Do’ was all about. Just because Heather all of a sudden decided to finally change her last name after 15 years of what I would consider to be a ‘façade’ of a marriage. . .Really??? I think it would have been more realistic if Terry had changed his last name to Kent to be honest. Now that would make more sense and a real reason to celebrate! Just saying.”

In Sarah’s opinion, the celebration was 15 years too late and she doesn’t respect the fact that Heather made the move to change her name to Terry’s so many years later. “I am a firm believer that the whole ceremony of marriage is very sacred and should be considered a blessing that two people joined together in celebration of their love, commitment, and partnership and should be celebrated as such at the time, NOT 15 years later when its ‘convenient,’” she wrote.

Commenting on Heather’s personal relationship with her husband seems like a low blow, even for Sarah. And we have to wonder: If Sarah felt that way, why did she come to the party in the first place?

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