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Lawsuit Update: Kyle and Chris Massey Talk About Being “Erased” From Bristol Palin’s New Show

Jim David of The Huffington Post recently called Bristol Palin: Life’s A Tripp “the worst reality show in TV history” so maybe the Massey brothers shouldn’t be fighting so hard to associate themselves with it. But the lawsuit has been filed and now former Dancing With the Stars Season 11 contestants Kyle Massey and Bristol Palin are on opposite sides of the courtroom.

Not that this will get as personal as that. Kyle and his brother Chris talked to E! Online about the lawsuit and had nothing but kind things to say about Bristol and her family. "It had nothing to do with Bristol, the Palins," Chris said. Kyle added, "The Palins are all great people, but that's irrelevant," he said, as Bristol isn't named as a defendant in the suit.

However, they do have a beef with the producers of Life's A Tripp (and it’s not like Bristol and family were innocent bystanders and had no idea this was happening). "When the press release came out from the actual show was when we realized, 'Wait? Where's our producer credit? Where's our creative credit?'" Chris said. "This isn't a personal thing, this isn't some sort of vendetta — this is me and my brother just wanting what's rightfully ours.”

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Kyle added, "We never wanted or intended it to get this far. We solely just wanted to make quality television that families could enjoy…And it just went to a completely different level."

They Masseys said full episodes of their own reality TV show with Tripp, Willow and Bristol had already been shot — and they claim you can actually hear the Masseys off camera on Bristol's new show. "There's blatant footage of me and my brother laughing and joking in the background," Chris said. "You can hear us talking, but we're not there," added Kyle. "You can hear us laughing, and a lot of the footage, people were actually making references to us, and talking to us, but we were just erased."

Eek. They want the production company to “do what they know is right,” which includes rewarding them compensation for damages.

Sources: E! Online, The Huffington Post

06.27.2012 / 08:58 PM EDT by Gina Carbone
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