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The Bachelor

Natalie Getz’s Bachelorette Blog: I Feel So Sorry For Doug Clerget

California blonde Natalie Getz may not have won Jason Mesnick’s heart, but she won ours with her mix of looks, sass and smarts. That’s why we love sharing her take on Emily Maynard’s Bachelorette season. Natalie’s official Bachelorette blogs are full of insider insight, style tips and good old fashioned real talk. We approve!

First things first, Natalie thinks that Arie Luyendyk, Jr. dating Bachelor producer Cassie Lambert is a non-issue. She says,

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Cassie went on 2 dates with Arie like 95 years ago. BIG. FREAKING. DEAL. Yes, I understand Emily feels stupid, but they didn’t need to make such a production out of it. Good Lord! This is called life! Cassie did the right think by not telling Emily right away. Yes, sounds bad, but this TV show is all about building a connection at a fast pace. Had Emily known this right away, she would have always looked at Arie differently.

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Considering how quickly the whole thing blew over, we are inclined to agree!

Next, Natalie feels the need to address John Wolfner, whom she is not feeling — at all. Natalie jokes, “Emily claims that she is so happy, her face hurts. My face would also hurt if I were fake laughing the whole night on a boring date with John.” To compound the problem, Natalie thinks John’s style is all wrong for Emily: “John looks like he is modeling for a JC Penney catalogue circa 1991.” When it comes to John, Natalie doesn’t mince words, “John is 100% confident he is staying. I’m even more confident he is leaving.” And, of course, she was right!

While she’s a bit heartless about John, she does feel for Doug Clerget, who blows every chance he has with Emily, then claims his “girl radar” is broken. Natalie sympathizes:

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His tears are coming out of love for his child and the guilt in which he cannot find someone to complete his family. I feel so sorry for Doug. BUT, now that he has been on this show and all of America has seen him (women who otherwise would have never known he existed), I think he is going to have plenty of options of women banging down his door.

She agrees that there “couldn’t have been worse timing” for Doug to plant that kiss on Emily. Natalie adds, “God, guys are so dumb! When us girls have to ask for something, we no longer want it.” Amen, Natalie.

Natalie’s Stray Observations:

On Jeff Holm: He has definitely played inappropriately with dolls before. He’s almost too good at making the scary Michael Jackson marionette do all kinds of dance moves.

On the lack of man meat: Why are the guys not in hot tubs? Shirtless and in swim trunks? Why is Emily depriving us of this?! I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I am starting to miss hot tubs and helicopters.

On Emily’s wardrobe: After watching this season, I never want to see another sequin again. Ruined


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