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Secret Life of the American Teenager

Will Amy and Ricky Come Clean About Not Getting Married on Secret Life?

The only thing bigger than Leo Boykewich's collection of sausage casings is the web of lies that Ricky and Amy are currently spinning.

These two have both their families and the entire school convinced that they are man and wife, and Lauren and Mads even subjected themselves to public humiliation just to congratulate them. Wow, guys, way to lead everyone astray.

Turns out, Ricky and Amy walked out on their nuptials after a crazy priest shoved a taxidermied squirrel up in their grill, but for some unknown reason they decided to tell the rentals that they tied the knot. Ricky seems ridden with guilt, especially since The Sausage King handed him an unmarked envelope full of hundies in true mobster fashion.

This is Secret Life we're talking about, so it's only a matter of time before Grace or one of her god-fearing sidekick finds out the truth. Then again, Ricky and Amy might beat them to the punch and come clean!

These are important questions, Secret Lifers. Hit up the poll!