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Bunheads First Look: SYTYCD’s Kent Boyd’s Gravity-Defying Guest Stint — Exclusive!

As we found out in Bunheads Season 1, Episode 2, seemingly stuck up Sasha (Julia Goldani Telles) lives a pretty sad existence at home, with parents who don’t realize or care that she spends her nights sneaking out to Fanny’s (Kelly Bishop) dance studio.

But Wetpaint Entertainment has just discovered that there are majorly fun things in store for Sasha. In an upcoming episode, she’ll get a little pick-me-up in the form of SYTYCD Season 7 runner-up Kent Boyd, who guest stars as a dancer named Jordan who matches Sasha in both talent and attitude.

“He comes to class, and he shows off,” Kent says in an exclusive interview with Wetpaint. “They're getting ready for a big recital they have. At the end of the recital, there's a big Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers number that Sasha and Jordan have done for the past however many years. So we're just showing off with this whole routine.”

What follows is a gravity-defying dance number in the studio.

“We turn on the music, and we're just jumping over people, hitting bars, hitting people, marking our territory, like, ‘this is our dance,’” reveals Kent. “We’re basically showing everyone that we're the best. At the very end, Boo comes up and she's like, ‘You guys are so amazing.’ And we're like, ‘Yeah, we know.’ And then we walk off.”

But it wouldn’t be an Amy Sherman-Palladino show if there wasn’t a plot twist – for which you’ll have to tune in to ABC Family on August 6.

What Kent will say is that Jordan may be back for more, if all goes well. “I talked to the director, and he was like, we really want to extend your character and see what happens,” he tells us. “So we'll see what happens from here!”

06.28.2012 / 01:50 AM EDT by Carita Rizzo
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