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America's Next Top Model

Isis King’s Manager Blasts Baltimore Fashion Week For Owing the ANTM Star Money

If you did work last August, it makes sense that you'd see a check for it by the next June, right?

According to the Baltimore Sun, America's Next Top Model All-Star Isis King was hired to work Baltimore Fashion Week events in August 2011. She was supposed to be paid in full at the event — $1,500 plus hotel accommodations. But it’s the next summer and she still hasn’t received all of the money.

As of last week, Isis told the Baltimore Sun she had received $800. On Monday, her manager sent a “scathing” letter to sponsors of Baltimore Fashion Week 2012, saying organizer Sharan Nixon had failed to pay Isis the full amount owed. Sharan then reportedly sent Isis $100, so she is now due $600.

"We have every good-faith intention of paying Ms. King for her participation," Sharan wrote in her own letter, saying she didn’t have the money last August to pay everything she owed and the nature of the annual event meant that the debt wouldn’t be fully paid for a year.

There’s a lot of back and forth in the Sun’s story between Isis and her manager and the organizer and her lawyer, but suffice it to say our beloved ANTM star would like to get paid ASAP. "It's been 10 months," Isis told the paper on Tuesday. "When I see [Sharan Nixon] promoting her event for next year when she hasn't paid me from last year's event …everyone should know."

See how tough real-world modeling can be? Tyra Banks never warns the modelstants about this kind of thing.

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Source: Baltimore Sun

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06.28.2012 / 12:46 AM EDT by Gina Carbone
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