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Real Housewives of New York

RHONY’s Sonja Morgan: Ramona Is “Oblivious” When It Comes to Heather Thomson

Real Housewives of New York star Sonja Morgan was a little devastated by what Ramona Singer said about her on Season 5, Episode 4: “Diss-Invite”, but she seems to have very little sympathy for Ramona’s woes.

During the show, Ramona was clearly peeved that Sonja decided to join Heather Thomson — Ramona’s newest rival on the show, it seems — on her trip to London, and said, “Sonja’s my really good friend. I love her like a sister. But sometimes I feel like when things happen to me, when the other women are picking on me, instead of picking a side she just tries to like ride the fence, or even worse take the other side. It’s starting to piss me off a little, I have to say.”

In her latest Bravo blog, Sonja admitted that this comment made her cry, because she doesn’t believe Ramona really feels that way about her, and that she just took it out on her. “She was really hurt that she was not included and displaced her anger on me. Not sure why because she doesn't know Heather well but that doesn't change the pain Ramona is feeling.” Sonja continued, “I didn't know she had a miff with Heather either. However Heather has no obligation to invite her regardless of how hurt she feels,” Sonja wrote.

In Sonja’s opinion, if Heather doesn’t want Ramona around for the trip, she’s gotta stick to her guns about it. “If Ramona rants and raves and tries to control the situation in order to get invited, that doesn't mean Heather has to bow if she is not comfortable sharing her trip abroad. One has to draw boundaries with Ramona. That's why Ramona and I are still good friends and respect each other in the end.”

The biggest conundrum for Sonja, though, is why Ramona would want to go in the first place.

“Why Ramona would want to be included on Heather's trip is strange, because they are so uncomfortable together. But Ramona is still oblivious at this point that her and Heather are not on the same page,” she wrote.

That is a wonder.

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Source: Bravo

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