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True Blood

Who Is Nora on True Blood?

True Blood's Season 5 premiere introduced us to a mysterious new vampire named Nora Gainsborough (Lucy Griffiths). Not only is she a chancellor of the Vampire Authority, but she's also Eric Northman's sister.

We first met Nora when Bill and Eric were captured by the Authority and tossed in the backseat of a car in "Turn! Turn! Turn!" Unbeknownst to Eric, his little sis was riding shotgun in the front seat.

The estranged vampire siblings were reunited face-to-face — with a hot-and-heavy sex session, naturally — shortly after the car exploded.

After staking the driver, Nora informed Bill and Eric that she's working as a double agent, and that if they return to Authority headquarters, they'll all be executed.

Unfortunately, the Authority found them before they could escape under their new identities, and all three were subjected to torturous silver injections. Nora refused to admit her relationship with Eric, and instead pretended to be an extremist Sanguinista who doesn't believe in vampire mainstreaming.

Although Nora's loyalty lies with her vampire brother Eric (both are progenies of Godric), little is known about any possible ulterior motives.

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