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True Blood

3 Characters From Dead as a Doornail Who Should Appear on True Blood!

True Blood follows the plot points from The Southern Vampire Mysteries pretty closely, but this season Alan Ball and his team have definitely deviated. And we're not just talking about the fact that Tara is a vampire instead of a stay-at-home mom.

We la-la-love the direction True Blood's fifth season is taking, but there are three characters from Dead as a Doornail who we want to show face in Bon Temps!

1. Selah Pumphrey: Selah (aka Bill's new girlfriend) is a snobby real estate agent who thinks Sookie is white trash — and get this: She's skinnier than the Sookster. Catfight alert! Sookie and Selah hate each other, but she and Bill date until the eighth book so expect her to stick around! Sigh, guess we can't hope for a Bookie reunion any time soon.

2. Charles Twining: Charles is a former pirate with an eye patch, who begins work as a bartender at Merlotte's during Dead As A Doornail. Turns out Charles was hired by Longshadow's maker Hot Rain (yes, that's his real name) to get revenge on Eric for killing Longshadow. As you might expect, Charles goes bat-crazy and pretty much tries to take down everyone in his path. He even shoots Sam!

3. John Quinn: You might think Sookie already has more than enough boyfriends, but you'd be wrong. We meet weretiger John Quinn in Dead As A Doornail, a hugely muscular giant of a man with purple eyes. Quinn is the coordinator of "Elegant Events," a company that supervises supernatural parties. Um, amazing. Quinn and Sookie date for a while, and we'd love for him to make an appearance on True Blood as her rebound!

Which character do you want to meet this season? Hit the comments!

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