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American Idol

American Idol BFFs Jessica Sanchez and Joshua Ledet Spill on Their Friendship

Those who followed this season of American Idol closely are well aware of Joshua Ledet’s BFF status with co-contestant Hollie Cavanagh. Evidently, Josh is also close with Season 11 runner-up Jessica Sanchez, going as far as to call her his “soul sister.”

We caught up with the two talented singers during an American Idols Live! Tour press junket and asked about their friendship, their lives post-Idol, and what the future holds for them musically.

Wetpaint Entertainment: You seem like you’re the bestest of friends.

Joshua Ledet: Yeah, I love her. This is like my sister. My soul sister.

Jessica Sanchez: This is my soul brother.

Josh: I've never heard a girl that could sing like this.

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You're going to the Philippines together right?

Jessica: We're all going to the Philippines. I'm excited. We’re not excited for the flight. He's scared.

Josh: 17 hours. Like we had a flight together to Orlando.

Jessica: And he was freaking out, and it was like six hours.

Josh: And I was so scared. She was just looking at me, and she was like smirking. And I'm thinking oh my God. It was very scary.

What's the coolest thing you've done since Idol?

Josh: We went to Universal Studios with Jessica and DeAndre [Brackensick]. And oh, my gosh, we had so much fun. She made me get on all the scary rides, and I'm the most scared person. And I don't get on scary rides. But I made her go through this haunted house, and she was so scared.

Jessica: We were screaming. We were hollering. Oh, it was so embarrassing.

Josh, has there been any major changes in your life since the show?

Josh: Yes. Some great things are happening, a lot of things in the works right now. But all I can say is I'm super excited about what's happening.

Are you recording yet?

Josh: No.

Is there time for anything beyond Idol for dating and fun stuff?

Jessica: There's always time. You just got to make time.

Josh: You've got to make time. I think there was time on the show. Any time, we kept it private.

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