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The Bachelorette

Ex-Bachelorette Contestant Doug Clerget: Jef Holm Is “One of the Awesomest” Guys He’s Ever Met

It was with a heavy heart and a bucket full of cheese puffs that we watched Bachelorette contestant Doug Clerget wander off into the great unknown after Emily Maynard dismissed him from her love shack.

Poor guy tried his hardest to win Emily's heart, but at the end of the day he just wasn't laying it on thick enough. "I was really bummed out," Doug tells Parade. "I think, even if we didn't end up together in the end, I think she would have had a great experience here in Seattle. I have a really great network of friends and she could have met my son. I wasn't relieved at all. I was bummed. Even if we didn't end up together in the end, it would have been good to just further our friendship."

Sigh, poor Dougy just wants someone to hang out with. But what are his opinions on the rest of Emily's suitors? "Of the guys that are left: Sean I love, Arie I love, Jef is one of the most awesome guys I know," he says. "Chris, we had a bump in the road which took me by surprise."

Speaking of Chris, it's time to hear Doug's thoughts on his competitor's mental breakdown in Prague. "Watching the last episode left me with some questions about Chris," Doug admits. "There were some tough moments there. I think Chris is a great guy and his heart is definitely in the right place."

Awww! Too bad Doug didn't get a chance to charm Emily's sequins off — he's so humble!

Source: Parade