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Glee Season 3: Top 10 Biggest Logic Fails

Every show or movie requires some suspension of disbelief to make the storylines work and let’s just say that Glee is clearly no exception. But just because a lot of shows might have continuity errors and logic problems, that doesn’t mean we can’t call Glee out for its own! Here are the top 10 most glaring logic fails from Season 3.

By the way, anyone feel like driving two hours for a cup of coffee? Or is it just us?

10. Quinn and Puck discuss having another baby, even though he’s had a vasectomy
In Season 2, Episode 1: “Audition,” Puck tells Jacob that he saved up over the summer to get a vasectomy. So why is it that Quinn is trying to get him to impregnate her again in Season 3, Episode 7: “I Kissed a Girl”? Plus, Puck tells her that he didn’t bring protection, but in Season 3, Episode 5: “The First Time,” he tells Finn that he doesn’t use condoms. Of course, knowing Puck, we wouldn’t be shocked if he forgot entirely that he had the vasectomy.

9. Sam’s body-image issues disappear... as do his clothes
During the Rocky Horror production in Season 2, a major storyline revolved around Sam’s body issues about having to go shirtless in those revealing (read: awesome) shorts. Yet when Sam returns a short time later in Season 3, he’s apparently become a lot more open-minded, since he’s now channelling his inner “Magic Mike” while working as a stripper. Maybe Sam found a self-help book about allowing yourself to work the pole?

8. Where’s Waldo Shelby?
In Season 3, Episode 8: “Hold On to Sixteen,” Shelby mentions that this is her last night as a teacher, but at that time, she was still thinking that Quinn was going to go public about her affair with Puck. So then what the heck happened to Shelby since then? There’s been no discussion of what she’s doing now, and no one has so much as mentioned her name since that episode. Someone needs to file a missing person report on her, pronto.

7. Sam becomes a synchronized swimmer... for that one episode?
Remember how Sam joined the synchronized swim team in “Yes/No”? How come he never mentioned being on the team again? If we didn’t constantly see Roz showing up to terrorize, we might have assumed that imagined the whole plotline about Sam on the swim team, just because we wanted to picture him in Speedos.

6. Two different explanations are given for Emma’s OCD
So what exactly is it that triggered Emma’s OCD? In Season 1, Episode 2: “Showmance,” we’re told that Emma’s OCD started when her brother pushed her into a pond on a farm. However, in Season 3, Episode 3: “Asian F,” we’re told that it was brought on by watching her parents clean their cups at a restaurant. So which is it? Maybe Emma doesn’t only have OCD but also has amnesia, too?

5. The Warblers love the Lima Bean... even though it’s two hours from Dalton
Do the writers need to borrow a map of Ohio? Dalton Academy is located in Westerville, which is about two hours from Lima, and yet students from Dalton pop up in the Lima Bean for a cup of coffee like it’s no big deal. It’s as if the Warblers kids say to each other, “Hey, do you want to go to one of the 15 Starbucks that are within a one-mile radius of our school, or do you want to drive two hours for the exact same cup of coffee?” “Oh, let’s definitely drive the two hours!”

4. Sue’s having a baby, despite a million reasons why she shouldn’t be
First of all, adding babies to a TV series late in its run always feels like a ploy for ratings and new storylines. So there’s that. But this whole Sue-getting-preggers thing is extra tough to swallow. First off, as Roz would be quick to point out, there’s Sue’s age. Plus, Sue has talked multiple times in earlier seasons about having had a hysterectomy, along with the fact that she’s sterile. And we still don’t know who the dad is. Uh, maybe it’s immaculate conception?

3. A note to Glee: Rachel is Jewish. That is all.
Did the writers of the Christmas episode forget that Rachel is Jewish and takes pride in her Jewish heritage (just as they sometimes forget that she’s vegan)? Sure, we get that people of any faith could get swept up in the materialism of Christmas, but there was no real mention of Rachel being Jewish in the episode, as she was obsessed with her Christmas list. And don’t even get us started about the offensiveness of Finn sponsoring a pig for his Jewish girlfriend!

And while we’re on the topic of this episode, we initially thought that one of the few saving graces of the Christmas episode was that it was establishing a cute friendship between Sam and Rory. However, now that we’re at the end of the season, we’re trying to remember if Sam and Rory even spoke once to each other after this. So much for the beginning of a beautiful friendship!

2. Will is suddenly a terrible teacher
So let’s get this straight: Will was a perfectly capable Spanish teacher for the better part of three years, and then suddenly one day he doesn’t know basic vocabulary words or conjugation? What on earth did he say in front of the classroom all day? And come to think of it, did we ever get a concrete confirmation as to what subject he’s teaching now? For all we know, he just sits in the teachers’ lounge all day, looking at clouds until its time for glee club.

1. Was Karofsky on the show this season, or did we just dream it?
Obviously, this show has a knack for pushing certain storylines or characters to the background. But after Karofsky’s attempted suicide had such a huge impact on everyone, you’d think we’d get some kind of follow-up on how he’s doing these days, or maybe he’d stop by for graduation. Nope nothing! We haven’t heard from the poor guy since that hospital room way back in “On My Way.” It’s as if New Directions said, “Best of luck, buddy now stay out of our lives forever!”

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