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Grey's Anatomy

Grey’s Anatomy Star Sarah Drew Talks April’s Future & Chyler’s Departure – Exclusive

Yesterday Wetpaint Entertainment was the first to break the news that Grey's Anatomy star Sarah Drew (April Kepner) has officially signed back on for Season 9 of the hit ABC show, and now we have even more details about what fans can expect from April in the fall.

Wetpaint talked to Sarah at the 3rd Annual Thirst Project Gala in Los Angeles on June 26 to talk about April failing her Boards and what might happen between her and Avery.

Wetpaint Entertainment: What brings you out tonight?
Sarah Drew: I am here because my dear friend Chyler Leigh is being honored for all of her work, along with her husband Nathan (West)’s work for the Thirst Project. She’s been telling me about this organization for a couple of years and this is the first time I’ve been able to come to this event. I actually get to present her with her Pioneering Spirit Award. I’m really excited to be here!

Have you been keeping in touch with her since she left the show?
No, I haven’t. this will be the first time I’ve seen her since our last day working together so I’m really excited to see her and give her a gigantic hug.

How do you feel about April flunking the Boards?
You know, it’s surprising because she’s so smart but at the same time it’s really fun for the actor! For me the actress, it’s really fun because I get to play some really fun stuff. And they love drama! My parents came to set on the day that we were shooting the moment when I discovered I failed and my mom was going to the producer, like, “Why did you make her fail?!!” And she’s like, “We love our drama at Grey’s!”

Do you think that April and Avery will make it work?
I don’t know! It’s such an interesting and complicated friendship and relationship and given the whole faith situation now, which totally does not jive with what his background is, I don’t know, I don’t know what’s going to happen. I do think that regardless those two will remain really close friends. I think their whole relationship was built on a really, really grounded friendship. So I don’t know if they are really going to make a go at it or not, we’ll see!

What will you miss most about working with Chyler?
She is hilarious, she just brings with her this wonderful joy and jubilance and excitement. She has such a positive attitude and she makes everybody laugh, she just is really, really funny. So we’re just going to miss her spirit on set, I really am. It’s going to be really, really hard.

Miss Grey’s? Us too. Luckily the show will return to Thursdays at 9 p.m. with all-new episodes in the fall on ABC.

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