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Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars Burning Question: Is Maya’s “Zombie” Shirt a Clue That Ali’s Alive?

One of the many qualities that made Maya (Bianca Lawson) an awesome girlfriend on Pretty Little Liars was the fact that she was a skilled gift-giver. In Season 1, she picked out a stylish red scarf for Emily (Shay Mitchell), and then this week, it is revealed by Nate that Maya had intended to give Emily a shirt with I Walked With a Zombie on it, which they watched (or didn’t watch, if you get our drift) on their first date. But is there more to this gift?

It seems that we’ve been getting more and more clues every week to suggest that Alison is still alive and well, and that perhaps it was her twin whose body was found. That’s why a shirt with the word “zombie” on it might be Maya’s way of telling Em that Maya recently saw Ali. In fact, we’re guessing that Maya may have known a little too much about Ali and the night she supposedly disappeared, since this may have been why Maya was murdered.

But even if this shirt was intended to clue Emily into the fact that Ali is still alive, will Emily get the message? Emily spent a lot of time looking at that shirt, but she didn’t appear to get any hidden meaning from it. Em probably just wants to use this gift to bring back fond memories of Maya, but maybe she isn’t quite as clever as Maya was hoping. Or maybe Maya’s gift was just a romantic gesture, and we’re reading a tad too much into it.

Or maybe this shirt has another meaning, given that we have yet to see Maya’s body. That is, could Maya be the “walking zombie,” as in she’s not actually dead? After all, it was a little fishy when Nate mentions that there was a small service for Maya, since you’d think that Maya’s girlfriend would have been invited or at least known about it.

Here’s what we’re saying: It’s possible that Maya just bought the shirt recently and gave it to Nate to pass along to Em. Okay, so maybe it’s just wishful thinking on our part, but we’d be pretty happy to learn that Maya was actually alive and just hiding out somewhere. That said, we’re still not even sure how much we can trust Nate. Maybe he just made this whole shirt thing up on his own?

So what do you think: Could this shirt be telling us that Alison or Maya are still alive? (And who knew that a simple shirt could cause so much confusion?)

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