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American Idol

Joshua Ledet and Jessica Sanchez Dish on the “Diva Moments” on American Idol

As any self-respecting American Idol fan knows, the American Idols Live! Tour kicks on on July 6, and will showcase the talents of the Top 10 contestants from Season 11 in 46 different cities.

During a recent press junket for the upcoming tour, Jessica Sanchez and Joshua Ledet shared their thoughts about competing on Idol — including those “diva moments” — and what fans can expect from the upcoming tour!

Now that you've lived the experience, what would you change about American Idol?

I mean nothing. It was a great experience.

Josh: I think it was just a stepping stool to get to where I'm supposed to be, both of us personally. I think that it was just something that God put in our path to get us recognition, and now, we're about to just branch out. I know she's going to be a megastar.

Jessica: I mean, of course, it was hard, but it's just preparing us for the real world. So I don't regret anything. That was an amazing experience.

Josh: Yeah. Me, too. I think we're excited about the tour and everything, but we're more excited about our own careers, what we're going to benefit off of this tour and what our careers are going to be like after the tour. That's what I'm most excited about.

We know there’s a girl's bus and a boy's bus. Are you allowed to jump ship and go to the girl's bus if you want to?

I don't think so because they do head counts. I would definitely find out a way.

Jessica: He wants to be with his boo boo.

Josh: I have to be with my boo boo and my soul sister. So I will find out a way.

If you could choose, who would be on your fantasy bus?

I hang out with the guys more.

Josh: She doesn't like the drama. She's never in drama. All the drama that happens on Idol, she's never in it.

Jessica: I stay in the corner.

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Are you telling us there’s diva moments?

There are some diva moments. I'm not going to lie. And by far, Jessica is never a part of it because she's so quiet and in her own little zone.

Well, who is part of it, come on?


Jessica: You're crazy.

What piece of advice from the judges will you take with you?

Everything. I mean they gave us some amazing advice, and it was never like, you need to do this or you need to do that. They gave us advice. They didn't try to change us. Just help us.

Many months ago I asked you what you were taking on tour. The one thing you were taking, Jessica, was your XBox. I think Josh, you were taking your cell phone. Has that changed?

I can't bring the XBox on tour because I'm going to be too busy.

So what are you taking now?

My cell phone, I guess.

Josh: And my laptop.

Jessica: But tour rehearsal’s been going good. We've been dancing up a storm.

Josh: Oh, my gosh. This girl is a performer, you guys. It's insane. She's going to shock a lot of you guys on tour.

Jessica: It's going to be fun.

Josh: It’s going to shock you guys.

How is it going to be shocking? What's going to be different from the show?

We're going to get down. See American Idol, we were playing with you all. But now, we're about to... we're doing some stuff.

Jessica: You guys are going to have to come and watch the show, get some tickets...

Josh: We're getting down.

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