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Real Housewives of New York

Aviva Drescher Apologizes for Stirring the Pot on RHONY

During the recent Real Housewives of New York mini-feud between Heather Thomson and Ramona Singer which spilled over onto Ramona’s BFF Sonja Morgan it may have looked an awful lot like Aviva Drescher was stirring the pot with her co-stars.

Aviva stepped up on RHONY Season 5, Episode 4 and chatted with the group about the “diss-invite,” in which Heather failed to invite Ramona on the girls’ trip to London. Now she’s apologizing well, sort of for her behavior during the episode.

In a new interview with the Examiner, Aviva said “I am so sorry if it seems like I’m stirring the pot. In my real life I don’t that [at] all, but I just cannot sit there on the sidelines and say nothing.”

Why can’t she sit aside and observe? Because drama makes for good TV, of course! According to Heather, it “would be very boring for you all to watch and at this time I’m trying to figure it all out.”

Even though she stepped in, Aviva wasn’t exactly comfortable choosing sides in the feud. “I had just met these women. I didn’t feel comfortable taking a position. I didn’t feel comfortable saying to Heather, 'how could you not invite Ramona to London?' I didn’t feel comfortable saying to 'Ramona how could you be so mean to Heather?'” she explained.

However, if asking questions means Aviva’s stirring the pot then she says so be it, because “if I am stirring the pot I guess I’m doing my job! I don’t just want you to see me getting a pedicure putting a leg on my lap, that can get boring after awhile.”

Well, she’s right about that!

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