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True Blood

Burning True Blood Question: Is Terry Bellefleur a Supernatural?

Terry Bellefleur is a changed man, and we're not just talking about his sudden love for bomber jackets.

During True Blood Season 5, Episode 4, "We'll Meet Again," we finally got a sneak peek at Terry's past and learned that his unit accidentally-on-purpose murdered a bunch of innocent civilians in Iraq. But did y'all check out Terry's eyes? Dude was high on more than those mysterious pills he was popping.

This is True Blood we're talking about, so there's no way Terry's trip to Flashback City won't serve a supernatural purpose of one kind or another. Right now, the Truebie powers that be are trying to pin all the crazy on Terry's comrade, Heller, but what if Terry is the reigning super freak of the U.S. Army?

Check out the evidence:

1. His house burned down in a mysterious fire.
2. He's taken to sleep mumbling.
3. He spontaneously combusted a frying pan at Merlotte's.
4. He's way too attached to that demon baby of Arlene's.

It all adds up! There's no denying that Heller is slightly creepy (That dungeon? No thanks), but what if Heller's conspiracy theories are to do with Terry and his love for arson? Just putting it out there, gang. Something supernatural is brewing inside Terry's man tank.

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07.2.2012 / 10:00 PM EDT by Mehera Bonner
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