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True Blood

Did Alcide and Sookie Have Sex in True Blood Season 5, Episode 4: “We’ll Meet Again”?

Anyone else feel a little gypped after Sookie and Alcide's hot and heavy makeout session in last night's episode of True Blood?

Maybe we consumed too many orange marzipans, but that scene felt like a total tease. After years of waiting patiently for a fairy-werewolf hookup, all we got was some sloppy, first-base, over-the-shirt action. We didn't even see a butt cheek! (Just to clarify, we're talking about Alcide's.)

Sigh. HBO, it's like we don't even know you anymore.

So, what actually transpired between these super-sexy supernaturals? Did their drunken smooch devolve into a full-fledged sex romp? Or did they put on the breaks just before things went down south?

Damn you, Bill and Eric, for getting a front row seat! Somebody pass the popcorn.

Did Alcide and Sookie have sex?

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