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The Kardashians

Keeping Up With the Kardashians Recap of Season 7, Episode 7: More Drama in the Dominican!

There was much more Kardashian fun in the Dominican Republic on tonight’s new episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians. Last week, Kourtney Kardashian dropped a bombshell when she called Kris Jenner out for considering a meet-up with an old flame, and tonight she’s a persona non grata to hubby Bruce Jenner. Can they all work it out? Let’s find out!

The episode begins where we last left off: Bruce has abandoned Kris Jenner at dinner because he’s ticked that she went to meet up with Todd Waterman, the man who broke up her marriage to Robert Kardashian so many years before. Kris chases Bruce through the house and asks him why he’s packing his things. “Many reasons why, honey, but I’m staying downstairs,” Bruce says rather calmly. She pushes a bit insisting he doesn’t know the whole story yet but ultimately lets him go.

Also leaving is Khloe, who’s gotta head back home to her hubby Lamar Odom. She’s had a nice time on the vacation, but she’s totally ready to see her “wonderful peaceful husband” again.

Rob, Kim, and Scott kill some time by perusing the net for paparazzi shots of themselves and they notice one with Bruce checking out Kim’s rear. That’s when the fellas notice how epically bored they are. They decide to play a trick on the younger girls, which requires them to scale a rocky wall, sneak through a pool, and storm into their room screaming at the top of their lungs.

Bruce doesn’t find the prank all that cute and says so to Scott after waking him up. “That was a funny prank you played on the girls. What were you drinking? Real mature,” he taunts. Scott doesn’t much appreciate the comment or the deliverer.

Meanwhile, Rob and Kim go to see their mom after getting an emergency text message from her, and they find her in a terrible state. Her lip’s swollen up like Daffy Duck! Kris has had some kind of allergic reaction to something and the Benadryl she’s taken isn’t helping much. “It looks like your lip is going to explode,” Kim teases.

Bruce, who’s still not happy about the Todd situation, says that it’s not an allergic reaction at all but rather, “it’s God punishing her for giving Todd her e-mail.” Yikes! Pouring salt into the wound, Kim takes a gaggle of close-up shots of the monstrous lip. Bruce takes off, but not before slipping in one more Todd-related dig. “I’ll be back. Check your emails. Maybe you got an email from your old lover.”

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Over at Kourtney and Scott’s room, she’s desperately trying to get him out of bed. But he’s had enough of the whole trip and wants a vacation from the family vacation. “The more I sleep the less time I have to hang out with everybody,” he moans. Kourtney gives up eventually.

Kris, too, is giving up. Her lip’s not getting any better, and she’s lost motivation to go out. She decides to hire a masseuse to give her a massage in the room. “I’m a mess,” she says.

Bruce entertains most of the family by taking them skeet shooting an activity which oh-so-pregnant Kourtney opted out of and everyone does a decent job, even Kim. As for Kourtney, she and Mason are lounging at the private beach. She’s a bit miffed that Scott wouldn’t get up to join her and the baby, but she’s not going to let it stop her from having a good time.

At lunch, Bruce admits that he’s “disappointed” that Kris would give Todd Waterman her e-mail address after all he put her through back in the day. Evidently, the last time Bruce heard from the guy was when he started dating Kris and Todd called to threaten him physically. It gave Bruce a laugh, but he still doesn’t want Kris to spend time with him.

Scott finally peels himself out of bed in time to join the family at the pool. It doesn’t take long for Kim to start poking fun at him for a particular incident from last night. Apparently, Scott couldn’t find a restroom, so he used the trash can in the kitchen (don’t worry, it was a number one). This doesn’t sit well with Scott, who says that he’s tired of being nagged at all the time. He doesn’t even want to be there. Kourtney tells him to just go if he wants to so badly. “Book it. I’m outta here!” he declares, storming off. He hears no objection from Kourtney and begins figuring out how to get back to Los Angeles early. Kourtney admits she almost doesn’t care whether he stays or goes.

When Kim asks whether Kourtney’s upset about Scott leaving the pool, she says no. Rob, however, thinks Scott was the innocent party. He says Kim knew she’d push his buttons by bringing up the subject and did it anyway. He also thinks Kourtney needs to lay off of Scott a little bit. Kourtney sticks to her guns and says that it’s not cute for Scott to go and get drunk in the middle of the day when he’s a soon-to-be father of two. Bruce is Team Kourtney on this one and also thinks it’s immature of Scott to just walk away every time someone says something he doesn’t like.

Credit: Anders Overgaard and Timothy White/E! Entertainment © NBCUniversal, Inc.    

In the meantime, Kris breaks down and brings in a nurse. A hotel translator comes in as well, and they expect her lip situation will improve after taking an anti-allergen. Bruce comes in to chat about the Kourtney and Scott situation, and says that he wants to talk to Scott man to man about these things. “I don’t want to criticize him. I just want to say something to help him deal with people. Life’s too short,” Bruce says. Then, the subject of their own little spat comes into play. Kris fires back, “Yeah and life’s too short for you to sit around and worry if I meet up with my ex-boyfriend again.” Bruce then finally asks whether she met up with Todd, and she tells him no. Kris believes they should be the stable ones of the family to set an example, so they need to “keep it together.”

“Here I am going on and on about Scott walking out on Kourtney, but I guess I walked out on Kris too,” Bruce admits. He decides to make up with her “How can you not love a girl with a lip like that?” he says and even gives her a smooch. One relationship crisis resolved, one more to go!

Later, the youngest girls are making their annual music video, which includes having Kim give a pool booty-shaking tutorial and cruising on donkeys. Now, that should be a fun watch.

Bruce, meanwhile, makes good on his promise to check in with Scott. He’s found out where his room in the other hotel is located and stops by. Immediately, Scott knows he’s in for some drama, but Bruce waves off any concern. He doesn’t want an altercation, he just wants to find out what happened with Kourtney today at the pool.

Scott says that he’s been having some difficulty with everyone. He’s not around his family, and Kourtney won’t marry him, plus he’s trying really hard to be a good father and partner. Bruce says that it’s hard but that he can’t just walk away like that. He brings up the racetrack incident, which is when Scott reminds him of his rude introduction. Scott says that being referred to as an acquaintance by Bruce just reminded him that he’s not a part of the family. “Truthfully, I’m scared every single day that I’m going to wake up and she’s going to tell me it’s over because I did one little thing,” he confesses. Bruce sympathizes with him and says that he should speak with Kourtney about everything. The convo ends on a good note and Bruce is off to the main casa again.

There, he finds that Kris’ lip has actually improved quite a bit. He fills her in on the talk with Scott and she feels sad that he doesn’t feel like a part of the family. She’ll have to talk to Kourtney about that. Bruce then fills in Kourtney on what Scott had to say to him while they accompany little Mase on a donkey ride and take pics by the pier. Kourtney’s surprised that Bruce talked to him, but she’s glad and understands that she’s going to have to help Scott feel less alienated on this vacation.

Credit: Anders Overgaard and Timothy White/E! Entertainment © NBCUniversal, Inc.    

Scott, too, has to work on things, so he sucks it up and hits up dinner with the family. Everyone’s pretty nice to him, especially Kris, and things look on the up and up. He even apologizes to Kris for seeming ungrateful, and she admits she’s just glad he showed up. Kourtney, too, is glad he got it together enough to make it to dinner. The two agree to talk more seriously later.

Kris takes Kourtney shopping the next day and throws out the idea of making a peace offering with Scott to show her commitment to him since she won’t agree to marry him. “We’re committed,” she bites back. “We’re in a relationship with two kids.” But Kris wears her down and Kourtney agrees to find something nice for her man.

When Kris gets home, Bruce offers up a compliment. “The lip from hell looks relatively normal!” He also mentions that he’s got a surprise planned for her. The whole family is together for dinner on the patio, and no one will be making any fat lip jokes tonight. Kris is delighted as they say a few words of gratitude for her work arranging the vacation.

They go through a list of peaks and valleys throughout the trip. For Kourtney, she says that it was nice to be reminded that Scott is indispensible in her life. Scott one-ups her on the sweet response factor by pointing to what Kylie and Kendall have been doing with the music video and noting that he’s gotten to watch them grow up. He thinks it’s cool, especially now that he’s going to have a daughter of his own.

But their lover’s quarrel isn’t over just yet. Kourtney pulls Scott aside to tell him that he’s important to her and that she’s not indecisive when it comes to being with him. He not satisfied with that answer, though, and wants to know why she’s changed her mind about marriage when they agreed to do it with their second child on the way. “The whole reason I had another kid with you is that you agreed to get married when we had another kid,” he says. “I’m not going to keep trying with you forever.” He also reminds her that her family’s a lot to take but that he does it for her. That’s when she drops the little commitment bracelet gift. He’s touched, even though it doesn’t quite match with the bling he’s currently sporting. “It doesn’t exactly go with my gold accessories but if it did I would always wear it.”

The episode closes with the ladies finishing up their big tropical music video. They all don animal prints and dance on the boat. It looks fun at first, but then they’re attacked by some wild waves and start slipping around the deck. Time to call that little adventure quits before the pregnant lady goes overboard!

Next week, Khloe will be back in Los Angeles again, but she’s not 100% thrilled about it. Tune in to see what happens!

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