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True Blood

Sookie and Alcide Finally Hooked Up on True Blood! But Will They “Go Steady”?

Well, guys, it's not like we didn't see this coming. Alcide has been lusting after Sookie's gap-tooth since the moment he first grunted at her, and now that she's a recently single murderess with a drinking problem, he's more turned on than ever.

During this week's hot n' heavy episode of True Blood, Bon Temps' newest supernatural lovers partook in a sloppy makeout session the likes of which we haven't seen since Tom and Katie circa a few weeks ago (sob!), and it looks like they might start dating.

Think about it — Alcide and Sookie are both on the rebound, they have similar interests (Flannel? Check! Murder? Check!) and they're ridiculously attractive.

But do you think Sookicide are in it for the long run, or are they just helping each other get over their dearly departed exes? Either way, we're pretty sure next week's episode of True Blood is going to open with graveyard sex and an eight pack, so count us in!

Will Sookie and Alcide go steady?

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