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True Blood

5 Biggest WTF Moments From True Blood Season 5, Episode 4: Drunken Hookups And High Vampires

We love True Blood with every fiber of our being ("juicy groin vein" included), but do you end each episode basking in WTF glory? Join the club, sista-friends. True Blood is ahhhhmazing, but sometimes our jaws drop at the whacktacular happenings in Bon Temps.

Check out the 5 biggest WTF bombs from Season 5, Episode 4: "We'll Meet Again"!

1. Sookie Gets Wasted, Manages to Not Vomit

Um, did anyone else notice that Sookie pounded her way through almost every bottle of liquor in Gram's cabinet? We're mind-blown by the fact that she didn't end up vomiting all over Alcide during their makeout session.

Let's just say, if one of us mere muggles drank that much, we'd be blacked out in a hospital bed-writing drunken poems to Eric in our minds.

2. Alcide Reveals His Fetish For Drunken Murderesses

We know Alcide loves himself some Sookie, but you'd think he'd be slightly turned off to find her booze-hounding in glee just days after pumping poor Debbie full of lead. Don't forget that Debbie and Alcide were soulmates, and he just had an ugly-crying fit about her death.

Way to honor Debbie's memory, dude. Clearly all those push ups have addled your brain.

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3. Bill Tries To Be a Cool Dad, Fails Miserably

How adorable was it when Bill picked up that joint and was like, "This is some low class s**t"? Oh, Beel. As if you've ever smoked pot, let alone seen a joint. Unless the confederate army were a bunch of bong-toking hippies and no one bothered to tell us.

4. Queen Bill Peeps on Sookie, Remains Creepy While Doing So

Look, Bill. We know you are "in luhv" with Sookie and all, but showing up at her house uninvited only to lurk outside her window while she's hooking up with a werewolf is just plain voyeuristic.
It's almost as bad as that time you trolled the forest and listened to Eric and Sookie make love in your backyard.

5. Sookie Gets Into a Car Accident, No1curr

So … Sookie managed to wrap her car around a tree during this week's episode, and no would could give less of a fang. Even Sookie (who almost died, again) just rolled out of the car, stared at the smouldering wreck and was like "psshh, whatever."

We're all about this gal brushing her shoulders off, but maybe she should have, you know, visited a hospital, or called the police?

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