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The Bachelorette

Chris Harrison’s Bachelorette Blog: I Always Knew Sean, Jef, and Arie Would Be Emily’s Final Three

Here we are. The final three of The Bachelorette Season 8. Everyone seems to have their “team” at this point — supporting either Arie Luyendyk, Jr., Jef Holm, or Sean Lowe.

“I can’t remember a season where we’ve had so many of our fans divided on who they think is best for Emily,” Chris Harrison notes in his Entertainment Weekly blog on Emily Maynard’s hometown dates. “I’ve seen a lot of support for all three and I think that just shows why Emily is struggling as well.” Yeah, it must be tough. (So share the wealth, girl. We’ll take a couple off your hands!)

Here are some highlights from The Rosemaster’s blog on Episode 8:

Chris Bukowski was a dead bobblehead walking: “The minute you saw Chris and Emily together you could tell there was just something a little off about them and their usual chemistry. Is it just me or did Chris’ dad kind of accidentally set his son up for the fall by telling him Emily said she was falling in love with Chris, when it turns out she never really said anything close to that? Chris is twenty-five years young. Now, that’s only a year younger than Emily but they are really in different places in their life. It didn’t really seem in the end that Chris is ready to provide what Emily is looking for, especially when you stack him up against the three other men remaining.”

Credit: ABC via WENN    

Jef blows Em away: “It’s funny to see how nervous Emily gets around Jef and how much she really wants to impress him. Jef’s letter was beyond romantic and it really blew Emily away. To be honest she was blown away by the entire visit with Jef. His family really loved her and it seemed like she really fit in.”

Rough start with Arie: “After such an easy date in Utah with Jef, Emily had a bit of a rough start in Scottsdale with Arie and his family. [...] His family is Dutch and it took a bit for everybody to warm up and feel each other out. After a while they all did hit it off and by the end the family seemed to love Emily as much as Arie does. I really enjoyed the talk between the two Aries. Listening to Arie talk to his dad you could really see they have an amazing relationship.”

Relationship with Sean keeps growing: “The more time Emily spends with Sean the more impressed she is with him. The practical jokes Sean and his family played on Emily were funny. She really fell for it when he was telling her how he lived at home. Sean really took a huge step up after their date in London and ever since then their relationship seems to be growing by leaps and bounds.”

We were always going to get to this point: “There was never a doubt in my mind that Sean, Jef, and Arie would be her final three guys. She’s some ways she’s actually falling for all three of these guys right now and that’s what led to a very serious deliberation and rose ceremony. By the time I met Emily for deliberation at the Peninsula Hotel in Beverly Hills she wasn’t herself. She was on edge and it seemed the weight of the situation was finally getting to her. [...] Not only is she worried about how she’s going to say goodbye to these guys but, she’s wondering how she could be possibly be feeling so much for so many of them. While this is an embarrassment of riches for Emily I think deep down she was hoping at this point she really would have had this figured out and she could just sail to the finish line.”

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Source: Entertainment Weekly