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Real Housewives of New York

Dear Carole Radziwill: Please Don’t Ever Leave Twitter

Please, please don’t stop tweeting Carole Radziwill. At least, not because of us.

The Real Housewives of New York star posted on her BravoTV blog that her well-meaning sister “banned” her from Twitter after we wrote up some of her funny tweets about wanting to be Tom Cruise’s next wife. (You have to admit: they’d make a cute couple!) Although Carole says that she has “snuck back” to Twitter, it pains our heart to think of Carole leaving the social media world — and thus, in a way, our world — at all.

Labeling herself an “old school” writer, Carole admits that she is still trying to adjust to the publicness of social media. (She has only been tweeting for 2 months, she says.) While the RHONY grandes dames Luann, Sonja, and Ramona have adjusted and accepted superfans like us analyzing and laughing along with all of their fun tweets, Carole may still need some time to adjust.

Carole isn’t the only person who is still trying adapt to the publicness of the Way We Live Now. Have you guys seen that Twitter handle that is entirely made up of people voluntarily tweeting their credit cards? Yikes! However, for now, we will give Carole a bit more time to adjust. After all, we can read her funny quips in her forthcoming new book and her genuinely great blog.

So, Carole, please don’t stop tweeting, at least for now. We honestly love you! But don’t get mad if you make some more funny jokes and we just have to write about them.

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