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Jersey Shore

Deena Nicole and Ronnie Are Both Due in Court Today – Will They Carpool?

Deena Nicole had a very busy day back on June 10, full of laughs, tears, and street dancing. But today (July 3), the blast in a glass will have to answer for doing all of the above while drunk, as she heads to Seaside Heights municipal court to face charges.

According to an AP report, Deena is due in court today “on a disorderly conduct charge of ‘improper behavior.’ Police say she was dancing in a roadway, [and] interfering with the flow of traffic.”

Based on the photos we saw from that day, Deena seemed to spend most of her time on the boardwalk, where she cried about losing her meatball, and played arcade games. But apparently it was difficult for the Seaside police to keep this guidette from doing her very best “Dancing in the Streets” reenactment.

Ronnie is also headed to court today, as we reported last month. His charges may be more serious, as they stem from his alleged bar fight with Justin Vigerito on June 8.

We wish Deena and Ronnie the very best today, and hope the judge is just as charmed by them as we are!

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Source: AP via ABC27

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