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The Bachelor

Rumor Patrol: Roberto Martinez Suffered “Emotional Abuse” from Bachelorette Ali Fedotowsky

The tide of public opinion seemed to turn against Ali Fedotowsky after her late 2011 breakup with Bachelorette fiance Roberto Martinez. She was the one who spoke publicly about the split, while Roberto remained silent. A new In Touch Weekly story feeds the flames of that anti-Ali sentiment, claiming Roberto’s new (still unofficial) gig as The Bachelor “is the ultimate revenge” for how she treated him in their relationship.

Granted, neither Hottie Dimples nor Ali is actually quoted in the story. It’s all unnamed “friends.”

One of Ali’s “friends” said, “Ali always told me Roberto hated that she was so public. It was the source of their fights. Now he wants to be this famous guy? She says he’s a hypocrite.”

A friend of Roberto’s counters, “Ali was not in the relationship for love. She wanted to be famous.” The friend then reveals Ali got frustrated with her lack of career momentum and took it out on Roberto.

“She treated Roberto horribly,” the friend says. “In the end, it was the emotional abuse that made him walk away. [...] The way Ali treated Roberto ignited a fire under him — and now she’s dealing with the repercussions.”

Harsh stuff. Maybe it’s legit. Maybe not. It’s important to note that none of it comes from Roberto himself — he’s still on the record as having said nothing on the breakup. Classy move or waiting for the right moment — like, say, announcing his turn on The Bachelor?

Source: In Touch Weekly

07.3.2012 / 12:31 AM EDT by Gina Carbone
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