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The Vampire Diaries

Teen Wolf Recap of Season 2, Episode 6, “Frenemy”: The Kanima Banal

The boys went wild in several senses in Teen Wolf Season 2, Episode 6, “Frenemy.” Not only did they start off the night at a gay bar, they proceeded to keep a handcuffed and shirtless Jackson locked in a police van before Allison learned that the kanima is being controlled by a master. ‘Twas a kinky few days in Beacon Hills. Nonetheless, the kanima was a tad ineffectual this episode. He didn’t even kill anyone!

Progress! Danny has worked his magic on Jackson’s full-moon footage, and we get to watch him become the kanima. It’s not a pretty sight; not only is the video terrible quality, Jackson does a lot of hissing. Instead of watching the monster movie, Danny locks his iPad knockoff in the trunk of his car.

A running, leaping werewolf enters the scene. We probably should be able to tell the werewolf faces apart by now, but really, the only reason we recognize Derek is by his red eyes. Werewolves need name tags when they’re fully transformed.

Things are tense between Allison and Lydia. It seems only a few minutes have passed since the events of the previous episode, and Allison tells her friend she can’t let anyone know what happened at Stiles’s house. That should be easy. Lydia has no idea what she just witnessed. Instead of answering her questions, Allison reminds Lydia that she’s not supposed to be dating Scott.

In the steamy section of town, Derek catched up with the kanima. As the two reenact a Godzilla movie, with lots of punching and sparks flying, Stiles and Scott drive up in a jeep. A barrage of gunshots knocks the lizard down. It’s Chris Argent. When the steam sort of clears, Derek has left. Um, Jackson? Where are you? The lizard appears behind Mr. Argent, who is out of bullets. A swift kick from the kanima knocks Argent to the ground. The hunter blinks into his car’s headlights, where Gerard stands and watches Scott go after the kanima.

There’s more steam as Scott hunts for the transformed Jackson. Somehow, Stiles catches up with his buddy, and the two wonder how Jackson passed Derek’s kanima test. “When’s the kanima not the kanima?” asks philosopher Scott. When it’s Jackson. In a nearby dance club, the lizard’s tail flicks out through a window. Scott recognizes Danny’s aftershave and realizes Jackson is going to hunt down his own best friend in a gay bar.

“Dude, everyone in here’s a dude,” observes Scott upon entering the club. Stiles has noticed because a lot of the guys in the club have noticed Stiles. After one of the guys in a tank top buys the boys their Cokes, they head off amongst the flashing lights, shirtless male bodies, and dance music to find Danny and Jackson.

Raise your hand if you’re surprised Lydia’s dog is named Prada. Yeah, we thought it would be Gucci, too. After the pup takes a little too long to do its business outside her house, Lydia goes looking for him. Her friend from the guidance counselor’s office delivers Prada safe and sound.

Back in the club, Scott and Stiles split up, but they don’t have to stray far from one another. Claws out, the kanima causes bodies to fall, paralyzed, left and right — including Danny. Suddenly, Derek is there and uses his own claws to slice open the lizard’s throat. In the confusion, the kanima escapes, but not without leaving a blood trail outside. Scott finds Jackson — human, coughing, and naked — in the parking lot.

Credit: MTV    

In exchange for getting Danny his fake ID back, Scott learns that Jackson’s bestie was helping recover the film footage from the night of the full moon. On his way out of the hospital, Mrs. McCall tells her son that if he fails any of his midterms, he’ll be a sophomore next year. Again. Unfortunately for Scott, he has bigger problems: Danny’s tablet is missing from his car... along with the kanima transformation footage.

In the middle of the woods, Scott, Allison, and Stiles try to figure out the many mysteries they’re currently facing. They decide someone must have erased Jackson’s video to protect him. The kanima seeks a friend, after all. Something else the kanima does, according to their research, is go after murderers. Thus far, it hasn’t actually attacked any of them. Even at the pool, Scott wonders if the kanima was trying to keep Derek and Stiles in the water, rather than going after them.

“Something else is going on,” say Scott. Stiles still wants to kill Jackson, but Scott sees something of himself in the shapeshifter. He didn’t know what he was doing either when he became a werewolf. “If we can save him, we should try,” Scott tells his friends. In the van, Jackson sees hands change to scales.

Later, Stiles decides to apologize to Lydia, which gives Allison and Scott time to get romantic whilst monster-sitting. First, though, Allison has to explain that she didn’t tell her dad or Gerard anything about the kanima. “I’m on your side, Scott. I’m always on your side,” she foreshadows. In between shots of Jackson turning scaly, Scott asks Allison if she wants him to be normal. Then she basically proposes and gives him an imaginary promise ring and says she wants to be with him FOREVER. This intense conversation culminates in them making out.

While they were busy getting busy, the kanima escaped. Stiles wakes the lovebirds to show them the empty police van. Allison and Stiles realize they have to tell their fathers a killer is on the loose. Allison says, “We’re just a bunch of teenages. We can’t handle this.”

Lydia has been waiting in Allison’s room for hours. (Side note: We’d be far too terrified of Mrs. Argent to do that.) Instead of listening to her friend, Allison brushes her off. She has her own archaic Latin problems to deal with. Lydia promptly forgets her issues and offers to help translate. What a nerd.

Stiles and Scott head to the sheriff to confess everything. Unfortunately, Jackson and his lawyer father have arrived there first.

Either the guidance counselor, Ms. Morrell, is bad at archaic Latin or she’s hiding something. While Ms. Morrell translated Allison’s bestiary pages to say the kanima seeks a friends, Lydia says the word is master. Allison realizes the kanima isn’t being protected; he’s being controlled.

Next week, Jackson has a Carrie moment in the shower and Erica gets injured.

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It turns out, Lydia’s stalker admirer just wanted to return her dog and kiss her give her a flower. Uh, okay. He’s cute and all, but at least when Stiles stares at Lydia, he doesn’t do it with the creepy eyes.

Good news: Danny is still alive and has no idea what happened to him.

Before Stiles and Scott can flee yet another crime scene (with a humanoid Jackson in the back seat of the jeep) the Sheriff arrives and is none too pleased to see his son. He just wants to hear the truth from Stiles but gets more lies instead. Explaining that he and Scott were keeping Danny company after his recent breakup, Stiles once again manages to fool his father. Let’s hope the Sheriff is a little more incredulous with criminals.

At a meeting of the Sinister Club, Grandpa and Chris Argent discuss the events at the gay bar. Luckily, everyone is blaming the random paralysis and monster sightings on kids and their wacky hallucinogenic substances. But Chris wants to know why his father just stood there when the kanima knocked the hunter down. Grandpa Argent tells Chris he suspects what the lizard creature is, and it has rules. Instead of going after it, however, they decide to let the scaly beast lead them to Derek and have the monsters fight it out.

An angry, shirtless (but pants-ful) Jackson sits handcuffed in a police van. Stiles tells Scott he isn’t above killing the kanima. As Jackson continues to sulk, Stiles explains that the shapeshifter has been killing people.

In order to keep the Whitmores from worrying about their son, Stiles texts them from Jackson’s phone. The only problem? He ended the message with, “Love you.” That’s a phrase Jackson never uses with his parents (he’s still upset about the whole adoption thing), and Mr. Whitmore goes to the sheriff to report his son missing.

After a grandfatherly chat about The Art of War and the phrase “know thy enemy,” Gerard tells Allison that Jackson has vanished. Then he uses the pulse in her neck as an impromptu lie detector to find out what she knows about the missing student. Sun Tzu would approve.

Eyes are everywhere at Beacon Hills High School. Not only are cameras being installed, Mrs. Argent is now a substitute teacher.

Despite all the details Stiles gives Jackson about his kanima self, the shapeshifter is in disbelief (especially about his tail). Then Stiles tells Jackson about all the people he tried to kill, including Danny. Jackson threatens to sue his captors.

After class, Allison’s new substitute/mom asks her to stay behind and talk about why Stiles has been calling so often. When she’s not under lie detector conditions, Allison can fib just fine and says she’s been keeping an eye on Lydia, as requested. Stiles has a crush on Lydia, so he’s an excellent source of information. Then Mrs. Argent tells her daughter that staying away from Scott is making Allison strong. “Can’t I be strong and go to prom?” Allison asks. Of course, says her mother, as long as Scott isn’t her escort. “So long as you stay strong, we won’t have to kill a 16-year-old boy,” warns the worst substitute ever.

In the woods, Allison finds Stiles to tell him that everyone knows Jackson’s missing. Snapping on the police radio, they hear that the cops are on the hunt. Allison and Stiles drop Jackson’s phone in middle of nowhere and drive away as fast as they can.

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