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American Idol

Colton Dixon Dishes on Creepy Fans, Writing Music With His Idols, and Why He’s Not Dating

We knew that faux hawk wouldn’t be out of the spotlight for long! Colton Dixon, who shocked American Idol fans everywhere when he was sent home during the Top 7, will join the rest of the Top 10 for the American Idols Live! Tour kicking off on Friday, July 6.
During a press junket for the summer tour, Colton took a moment to answer some of our questions.

Wetpaint Entertainment: Up since 3:45am, and still going strong?
Colton Dixon: I have a writing session after this too. I don’t know how I’m going to manage that one.
So how has it been post-Idol for you? What's going on?

It's been a trip. It really has. Once we got off the show, the bubble was popped, and we realized how many people watch the show, first of all. It blew my mind. It was hard to walk the streets in New York. I'd never been there, but they somehow knew who I was. It was such a weird concept to me. Even had a fan wait out in the pouring, freezing cold rain for an hour and a half outside
Spiderman on Broadway to hand me a scrapbook.

Of you?

Of me. A hundred reasons why I love Colton. At first, I was like, that's really creepy, but then I started reading it, and I was like this is really creepy, but I'm touched.

Did you keep it?

Of course.

What are some reasons we should love Colton?

I can't even remember. It's sad. It's one of those things though, if my grandkids or my kids ever doubt me, I should be able to say, you know what? Someone thought I was good enough. Read the book.

You mentioned the writing session. Your cohorts were expressing their frustrations with the contract and how you're basically on ice. How is that?

You know, just the sad part about it is sometimes you get to run with it, and sometimes you feel like you're on ice. Last year, I felt like I was on ice hands down. I felt like I couldn't get in touch with anybody. It was rough. But the thing is, I've been out on my own, and I still tried to make stuff happen for myself even though it seemed like no one was really there in my corner. Fortunately, this time, I've had people set up some writing sessions. I set up a writing session with Jason Wade of Lighthouse, and it was such a cool writing session.

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How did that come about?
He called me right after I did “Everything” on the show. And we just talked about the song, what it meant to us, and he said, “Well, let me know if you want to write.” And I stopped everything. I was like, okay. Send me your schedule right now, and we'll figure out a day. So that was really cool.

Who else would you like to write with?

I'm really hoping Chris Daughtry might have a chance. We've talked about it, but he's been on tour and getting ready to not be on tour. He's got control when he's got free time and when he doesn't. I don't so much. So we'll see if there's time. I mean I got to write with Brandon Heath, who's a Christian artist. He's actually written with Carrie Underwood on some stuff, and wrote with David Hodges, the keyboard player for Evanescence back in the day, great writers.

And how many songs do you usually get out of a writing session?

Normally, what we do in a normal session is we'll get together and throw out ideas out on the table or if we don't have any lyrical ideas, we'll throw some music stuff out there. But there’s only like five hours or so. We'll get the song written, and then as we're doing that, we're throwing down a demo. So we'll throw down a drum loop, and I'll play piano or something. And I'll sing vocals just so we don't forget it. It's always really important. But some of these demos, they sound done. Like the stuff I did with Jason Wade and Buzby, it's like, ‘Whoa.’ I listen to it all the time. It's just like, ‘I can't wait for Randy to hear this.’ But, yeah, it's just been a trip. It's normally one song a day. I've done two songs in a day twice. I was just absolutely drained.

Millions of girls want to know, are you dating, looking? What's going on?

I'm single, and I'll tell you why. I've had a girl I've been talking to. And I just don't think it would be fair. I'm going to be going on tour until September. After each show, I'm not going to want to talk on the phone. I'm just going to hold off on that, and we'll see what happens after the tour. But I am a single guy by choice right now.

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