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Glee Season 4: Five Big Changes That Need to Happen

The end of Glee Season 3 earlier this year may have been amazing, but it also involved a fair amount heartbreak, not to mention a whole lot of open-ended plot lines! So what exactly will transpire once Season 4 rolls around? Since it’s anyone’s guess, we’ve decided to offer our two cents with the five things we hope to see happen when the show returns this fall. We hope you’re taking notes, Ryan Murphy.

1. Fix the lack of continuity.

It’s hard for a show to maintain all of its storylines throughout every single episode, but the lack of continuity has become a glaring issue, with certain twists taking center-stage in one episode and then getting dropped the following week. (Case in point: Whatever happened to Karofsky [Max Adler]?) Plus, all of the new characters, guest stars, and random family members result in a lot of tangential story threads that never really go anywhere. Let’s try to stay focused, Glee writers!

2. More comedy, less emphasis on the “Important Issue of the Week.”

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Remember when Glee was a comedy? Those were the days. Now, the show still has plenty of funny lines, but its lighthearted vibe has gotten pushed aside to make room for “Very Special Episodes” and PSA-style lecturing about distracted driving, domestic abuse, bullying, and suicide. We appreciate that Glee is trying to make an impact on important issues, but we miss when Glee was primarily an escapist hour of fun. Bring back the mirth, Glee!

3. Add a New Directions member who can bring the sass.

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Part of the fun of watching glee club in the classroom is hearing all the snarky quips that would be tossed around by the likes of Santana (Naya Rivera), Quinn (Dianna Agron), Kurt (Chris Colfer), and Puck (Mark Salling). However, with all of these snarky characters having graduated, we’re worried that everyone left in New Directions is on the tamer side (with the exception of Sugar [Vanessa Lengies]). So we hope that Glee brings on another Santana-type, and judging by the rumor mill, that’s just what they have in mind!

4. Make sure that the adult characters have strong goals, too.

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In Season 1, the adults had backstories and passions that were as fascinating as the students’. But these days? Not so much. We still love Sue’s (Jane Lynch) quips, but her storylines like her short-lived political career and now her baby seem gimmicky. We’d like to make Sue more relevant again and we’d also like to improve Schue’s (Matthew Morrison) contribution to the show. The show should still focus on the students, but we don’t think the adults should just be window dressing.

5. Give Finn a purpose in life. Oh, and bring Finchel back together (duh).

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We get that Finn (Cory Monteith) felt lost in Season 3, having to make big decisions about his future. However, this lack of direction made Finn seem a bit boring and lack backbone, so we’re hoping that he can find something in Season 4 that he’s truly passionate about other than just his relationship. Then again, if the show decides to bring Finchel back together, you won’t hear us complain one iota. (And can we also keep Brittana and Klaine together, too? Thanks a bunch!)

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07.4.2012 / 03:39 AM EDT by Ryan Gajewski
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