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Glee’s Kevin McHale Talks Quinn/Artie Hook-Up: “I Was Hoping for It”

Artie Abrams himself, Kevin McHale, shows up on The Glee Project this week — and Entertainment Weekly had the chance to get some dirt on what’s happened and what’s to come on Glee. The interview’s juiciest tidbits deal with Artie’s non-existent/potential relationship with Quinn, and what his feelings are about post-grad Glee. Good news — Kevin confirms that all castmates will “be on it in some capacity.” Whew.

Here’s an excerpt from the full interview:

Were you disappointed there wasn’t a Quinn/Artie romance? I thought that’s where it was going.
So did I. I was hoping for it. Before the third season, I kept doing it as a joke. I was like, “Quinn and Artie — let’s make that happen.” I never get scenes with Dianna and I was really excited.

Damn that Samuel Larsen!
I know. Damn you and your dreadlocks.

How does it feel going into season 4 knowing that some of your castmates have graduated?
Um, I don’t know. We still don’t know exactly how everybody will work and the format of everything. I don’t think anybody’s not gonna be on it in some capacity. We’ll see what happens. It’s exciting and these are my best friends — we’re a family now. I prefer them there, but the show’s gotta go where the show’s gotta go. If I don’t see them everyday, I still talk to them outside of it.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

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