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Revenge Season 2: Three Ways Charlotte Grayson Can Get Her Life Back on Track (If She’s Not Dead)

When we last left young Charlotte on Revenge, she was making a Happy Meal out of pain pills and having a major Marilyn moment.

This angst-filled teen chose to deal with her troubles in the most stereotypical way possible she turned to the medicine cabinet for love and attention.

And though we don’t think the future looks too bright for the youngest Grayson, we haven’t given up on her yet. Here are some tips to help her to turn things around.

1) Go to therapy

We know Grandpa said no, no, no, but he doesn’t seem to be around anymore, so it couldn’t hurt. Maybe this time don’t involve your parents in the session, because they don’t seem to like each other. Oh yeah, and Conrad’s not even your dad.

Get out your feelings and try to work through that whole my-dad’s-a-terrorist-and-my-sister-is-
destroying-my-family thing.

2) Keep your legs closed

We don’t know how much Gossip Girl you’ve been watching lately, but offering sexual favors for drugs is so Jenny Humphrey, and you’re way better than that. Yes, Jenny partied in the Hamptons too, but you actually live there. So start acting like it!

3) Stay out of your mother’s closet

We know you were trying to save your brother’s life (though we’re not sure why since you two haven’t been in the same room more than once or twice), but watching you attempting to seduce Declan was really uncomfortable for us.

Stay out of bandage dresses and out of Vicky’s closet. She’s fabulous and you’re still maturing. Deal with it.

Do you agree with our tips?

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07.4.2012 / 07:30 PM EDT by Rachel McRady
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