Bachelorette Rumor Patrol: Are Ricky Hendrick’s Friends and Family Shunning Emily Maynard?
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The Bachelorette

Bachelorette Rumor Patrol: Are Ricky Hendrick’s Friends and Family Shunning Emily Maynard?

No week is truly complete without a juicy and usually negative new Bachelorette rumor quoting unnamed sources. No one seems to ever want to use their name when saying something mean!

So this week is already complete, thanks to RadarOnline’s story about how Emily Maynard supposedly lost the respect of the NASCAR community. As fans know, Emily was engaged to NASCAR’s Ricky Hendrick (pictured above, with Emily) before he died in a plane crash in 2004.

A source, said to be “part of the NASCAR community,” tells Radar, “Emily has let her fame go to her head. [...] She is just trying to be famous and by making the choice to go on that show she isn’t respecting Ricky or his family.”

We’d read the rumor that Ricky’s parents were “furious” and “not speaking” to Emily, but we had trouble believing it since the Hendricks, Emily and Little Ricki all seemed happy together at an event just before the rumor came out. Radar’s source goes further, questioning whether Emily was even Ricky’s real fiance. “It seems like the rest of America is buying into her Hollywood story.”

Because that’s not harsh enough, the source also says, “None of Ricky’s family or friends have been on the show. All of his friends are famous race car drivers and the producers wanted Emily to have some of his friends on the show but they refused because they didn’t want to associate with her. Nobody from Ricky’s life has come forward. The tight-knit folks in the NASCAR don’t want to have anything to do with Emily. They’ve watched her lifestyle choices and they don’t approve.”

Why would any of Ricky’s friends be on The Bachelor or The Bachelorette, just because Emily was there? It seems strange that the show would even ask them — if the producers even did — but not strange that they would decline. It wouldn’t necessarily have to do with their feelings about Emily, they just don’t belong on a dating show to talk about their friend who passed away eight years ago. It would be weird to further associate Ricky with this franchise when that’s not really part of his legacy, other than the fact that his former fiancee (and mother of their child) is now trying to find love on the show. Let her move on. Let him move on.

Source: RadarOnline