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Glee Fans Speak! Who Do They Want Rachel Berry to Date Next?

Rachel Berry (Lea Michele) will be a single woman when Glee Season 4 rolls around this fall, and that means a whole new world of dating opportunities await her. (And in New York City, nonetheless).

Last week, we put together our list of the top five guys we’d love to see Rachel date: from the sorta-weird, Gossip Girl’s Chuck Bass (hey, he lives in New York City, too. Technically, it could happen) to the perennial fan favorites (Jesse St. James. Enough said.)

Well, the results are in, and it turns out that fans are pretty torn between one of two options. While Glee’s mysterious new college student — a character that’s set to become a series regular, in fact — took an early lead, he was quickly squashed by the passionate fan bases that are Finchel and St. Berry.

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A very respectable 34% voted that Rachel should date “No one! I hope she waits for Finn. However, Finchel fans were ultimately beat out by the fan powerhouse that is St. Berry shippers. Over 65% of the votes went to Jesse St. James.

As for the other four options, they all garnered less than 1% of fan votes each. So what about Faberry? We’ve done a number of polls and articles featuring the beloved Quinn (Dianna Agron)/Rachel pairing in the past, but since Glee’s given no serious evidence that a lesbian hookup between the two will ever happen, we decided to leave them out this time around.

The result: Of all the romantic possibilities that could happen next season, fans seem to be rooting for Rachel and Jesse the most.

If Jesse’s job coaching Vocal Adrenaline doesn’t work out, might we suggest a move to New York City? There’s a certain ex-girlfriend living there he might want to try to reconnect with.

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07.5.2012 / 10:13 PM EDT by Beth Douglass
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