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3 Men We’d Like to See Nolan Ross Date on Revenge

The Hamptons’ sexiest resident ranks himself a three on the Kinsey scale, so in his eyes, all genders are created equal.

Revenge creator Mike Kelley has already teased a love interest for Emily Thorne’s loyal bestie Nolan Ross, and since we don’t know if Nolan’s new honey will be a man or a woman, we get to speculate on both genders.

Here are our top three male choices worthy of dating our favorite tech genius.

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1. Chuck Bass (Gossip Girl)

Though Chuck’s heart belongs to Blair Waldorf, we have a feeling he could swing both ways. He willingly kissed that college admissions guy to help out B and didn’t seem to mind it one bit.

Chuck and Nolan both have the sexy slow drawl of a person who is incredibly important and seemingly bored by everything around them. They’d also run in the same wealthy New York City circle.

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2. Jesse St. James (Glee)

While Jesse’s bad boy reputation is exclusive to show choir, he clearly likes to play dirty, which is definitely Nolan’s style. And though his character is supposedly straight and in love with Rachel Berry, Jesse’s real-life counterpart, Jonathan Groff, is openly gay and proud of it.

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3. Anderson Cooper

Since Anderson recently came out, we’ve been trying to find his perfect match, and we think Nolan’s just the man for the job. With Anderson to keep him informed of the latest news, there might be a new dynamic duo in the Hamptons.

What do you think of our choices?

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