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Secret Life of the American Teenager

Amy Likes Being “Pretend Married,” But Ricky Doesn’t! Will the Secret Life Couple Break Up?

Ricky and Amy's little white lie — that they didn't actually say "I do" — is taking on a life of its own! When the truth comes out (and it always does), they are in for some major consequences.

First and foremost, Secret Life's golden couple will likely lose the trust of their friends and family. We can't even imagine how hurt Lauren and Madison will be after choreographing that awesome Bruno Mars flashmob! And what can we say about poor George Juergens? He was so excited that Ricky made an honest woman out of his little girl, and we can't bear the thought of his disappointment.

And then there's the strain on their relationship. Ricky and Amy went into this lie together, but it's slowly tearing them apart.

In the promo for next Monday's episode, "Lies and Byes," Amy tells Ricky she likes being "pretend married." Unfortunately, those feelings are not reciprocated.

"I don't!" Ricky yells. "We're getting into this deeper and deeper!"

Are these two already headed for a pretend divorce?!