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Glee Season 4 Spoilers: Is Santana Moving New York City? Possible Brittana Trouble Ahead!

You know how Chris Colfer (Kurt) has been talking again and again and again lately about a hypothetical situation for Glee Season 4 where Kurt moves to pursue a career in the NYC fashion industry? The more and more details we hear, the more it’s beginning to seem like this big move may not be so hypothetical after all.

Now The Hollywood Reporter has a new interview with Naya Rivera (Santana), and she’s pretty much doing the same thing. Naya won’t confirm that Santana is heading to NYC next year — but she certainly does drop plenty of hints about it!

During the interview, co-star Lea Michele (Rachel) says that she and Naya have been “begging” Glee creator Ryan MurphyWe want to work together more and want Rachel and Santana to be in New York together.”

Lea continues, "We're still not certain where exactly Santana is going to end up but she has the golden ticket to New York City." Naya agrees. "If Santana goes to New York she absolutely would have a relationship with Rachel and they'd either be friends, enemies or frenemies or all three."

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Got it. So the Glee stars can’t say anything about specific plot details for Season 4, but they can talk in hypotheticals. So if Santana decides to move to NYC, then what would that mean for her relationship with her girlfriend Brittany (Heather Morris)? Naya’s answer isn’t exactly comforting.

“Now that Santana is out in the real word, I'm sure she will go exploring and find other people who are just like her,” Naya says. Brittany and Santana may have been the “only out and proud lesbians” at McKinley, but Naya says that won’t be the case where Santana is headed next.

But does Santana’s switch to life in the “real world” really mean that she and Brittany are through? Not so fast! Naya says she’s rooting for Brittana to make things work. "Obviously she's not in high school anymore so there is separation there. I don't know what [potentially moving to New York] will mean for her. The writers really have to hash that out but it's now entering into a long-distance type relationship," she says.

Some things may change, but others never will. "I think that Brittany will always be Santana's first love,” Naya says. “Whether or not they end up together, she'll always have a special place in her heart for Brittany. I don't think that they will ever not be in each other's lives."

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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