JWOWW’s Boyfriend Roger Mocks Snooki’s Fiance Jionni: “He’s the Size of a Kid”
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Jersey Shore

JWOWW’s Boyfriend Roger Mocks Snooki’s Fiance Jionni: “He’s the Size of a Kid”

Snooki and JWOWW may be the best of friends, but their significant others don’t exactly have the close bond that the two Jersey Shore guidettes do.

Last night on Snooki & JWOWW, Jenni’s boyfriend Roger launched into some “ball busting” with Snooki’s fiance Jionni.

During a dinner at a Jersey City restaurant for JWOWW’s birthday, Roger asks Jionni where he sees himself in five years. After the 24-year-old Jersey native said that he wants to do speed boat racing, older (and perhaps, wiser) Roger started to laugh.

“He's got his priorities in check, he wants to race boats,” Roger laughed. “Thank god you're handsome bro because you are not very bright.”

Once the foursome returned to the girls’ apartment, Roger started to mock Jionni’s smaller-than-average stature.

“He's the same size as a kid,” Roger said. “Let's be honest, if (me and JWOWW) had a kid he'd be the same size as our kid.”

Jionni took the ribbing in stride, joking that Roger was a “bully” and that he “had assemblies about him” in school. One person who was not taking the insults lightly? Snooki.

“I'm ignoring everything that Roger has to say because he's just interrogating Jionni. It's annoying,” Snooki says. “I'm kind of getting defensive of Jionni, like, don't talk s**t to my man like that.”

After JWOWW tells Snooki that Roger “loves” Jionni, Snooki answers, “I know, but I'm just like shut up, he's perfect!” Aww! Snooki sticks up for her man.

To be fair, it did not seem like Roger was ribbing Jionni out of malice.

“I'm a ball breaker by nature, I'm just a ball breaker.,” Roger later explains. “Jionni and I are starting to have a new friendship and it's just this perfect canvas to make fun of.”

Maybe we are just being defensive of the future Mr. Snooki, but we think, like Snooki, that Jionni is perfect. Roger should take it easy on him!

Catch the next episode of Snooki & JWOWW on on Thursday, July 12 on MTV.

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