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Real Housewives of New York

RHONY’s Sonja Morgan Talks About Her Upcoming Toaster Oven Cookbook – Exclusive

Are you, like us, eagerly awaiting Real Housewives of New York star Sonja Morgan’s toaster oven cookbook? Even Liz Lemon is wondering when it’s going to come out! Luckily, Wetpaint Entertainment got a chance to talk to Sonja about her toaster oven projects when she did a toaster oven demonstration at Macy’s in New York City on Tuesday, July 3. Read on to find out the status of the book, the new toaster oven, and all of Sonja’s new business ventures.

Wetpaint Entertainment: First of all, I have to ask the question on everyone’s mind: When is your toaster oven book going to come out?
Sonja Morgan: I had to go back and redo the toaster oven book to make it a lifestyle book. The thing is, the people who watch the show and want to buy the book, they want more than just recipes. So when I went to the publishers, they really liked it, but [sigh] it was just recipes. So I’m redoing it to have it be a little bit more about the up-dos, the smokey eye, where I picked up my recipes, my yoga, about my diet routine, and about how I stay fit and all that. It’s in the rework.

The thing is I am just managing so much at the same time. I really want to put out the perfect book. Because once you do a book you have to go on a book tour. So if I’m going to spend the time I want to make it worthwhile.

With the new toaster oven I’m developing, you’ll get some recipes in a booklet with the toaster oven. That’s Sonja Home. And I’m also doing the catering again that I did so many years ago. I’m going back the special events and catering. That’s Sonja in the City.

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On the show we’ve seen some of Sonja in the City, specifically with you planning a party for Aviva. Will we see that party this season?
Yes. I’m doing a party for her, I’m doing several parties on the show. I did the opening party for the first episode, at my home, which I think you’ve seen me do over and over. I also did the Social Life party and I had a great band which you never saw [on the episode]. It’s like Carole said, the drama is all around Ramona so when she left the party, the cameras left! You didn’t see the fabulous band I had.

You’ll see some other parties. Some proposals... And I’m working now, I’m working all the time. I have a wedding for 200 people. Thank you marriage equality in New York!

Going back to the toaster oven. Do you know when the toaster oven is going to come out?
That’s taking awhile because it’s being made overseas. But we’re working on it.

The one you have in your home is a Sonja Home Toaster Oven, right?
I have two. I have the Sonja Home prototype, that’s the one I want to do for everyone and make it affordable.

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