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The Glee Project’s Mario Bonds Says He’s Not The Villain You Think

Fans of The Glee Project know that this week’s eliminated contender, 24-year-old D.C.-native Mario Bonds, is full of confidence. He may be blind since childhood, but that doesn’t get in the way of Mario’s passion and drive to succeed as a performer.

If anything, Mario’s main fault in this competition is that he came off as too confident. His cocky attitude appeared to rub some people the wrong way, and cameras even showed him correcting the judges or belittling their advice on a couple of occasions.

The thing is, Mario says that his portrayal on The Glee Project isn’t an accurate depiction of who he actually is. Fans may think of him as the villain, but Marios says that’s not actually the case.

The Glee Project audience only saw a fraction of who I am,” Mario tells Entertainment Weekly. “I am not the villain of the piece. And that’s sort of how I’ve been cast. In a nutshell, I’m a happy go lucky, goofy guy who can’t stop laughing.”

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While many people may think he talked back to the mentors, Mario doesn’t see it that way. “I would never think I had knowledge to lord over these industry professionals,” he says. Mario tells EW he was simply trying to do what it took to stay in the running to win.

“ It’s a competition, and I think people have forgotten that. So sometimes when you are trying to save yourself, in some cases I got wrongfully defensive, but my whole plan was to save myself.”

Mario says he reads the blogs and internet chatter, so he knows that some of the fans weren’t too fond of him on the show. “People went from loving me to hating me, and who they hate isn’t Mario Bonds. That’s not who I am. To be honest, I was a bit devastated about it. I learned you have to have tough skin in this situation. I do regret that the audience was only shown a fraction of my real talent and a fraction of who I really am.”

Source: Entertainment Weekly

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07.6.2012 / 09:57 PM EDT by Beth Douglass
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