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True Blood

True Blood Spoiler Roundup: All the Scoop on Season 5, Episode 5: “Let’s Boot And Rally”

If you can’t wait until Sunday night's all-new episode of True Blood, check out a fangtastic sneak peek of Season 5, Episode 5: “Let's Boot And Rally” with Wetpaint Entertainment’s super spoiler roundup!

1. An Unlikely Friendship Will Bloom

Unlikely friendships are all the rage in True Blood Season 5. First, Eric and Bill set aside their differences (and lust for Sookie) to team up against the Authority. Now, the friendship bug may bite Tara and Jessica! Click here to find out more!

2. A Face From the Past Returns In Episodes 5 And 6

Entertainment Weekly reports that Alfre Woodard is reprising her role as Lafayette's schizophrenic mom, Ruby, in Episodes 5 and 6. Last we saw Ruby, she was a patient at a facility where Jesus worked. Click here to read more!

3. Look Out For More Alcide!

Alcide fans have even more to look forward to during the rest of this season! "In the first six episodes of this season, I think I've worked more than either of the two seasons prior," Joe Manganiello told Entertainment Tonight at Duracell's "Rely on Copper to Go for the Gold" event. Click here to find out what to expect from our furry friend!

4. Look Out For a Bill Flashback!

Season 5, Episode 5 is directed by Stephen Moyer, and features a flashback to 1931. The show cast a 70-80-year-old woman to play Sarah Compton-Harris, Bill's daughter. Apparently, Sarah is battling cancer; does Bill show up to say his final goodbye, or offer her a new life? Read more!

Credit: HBO    

5. New Characters Coming to Bon Temps!

Expect to meet a couple of recurring inmates in Episode 5: a scrawny man in his 30s who’s locked in a padded cell and completely terrified, and his fellow inmate, Kate, who is ultra-thin and unconscious to boot! Could this be the work of The Authority? Click here for more casting scoop!

6. Check Out the Season 5, Episode 5 Promo!

Next time on True Blood ... Eric and Bill are given a deadline, Sookie and Alcide get frisky, and Russell Edgington is making a comeback! Check out the promo here!

7. Sneak Peek: Jessica Bonds With Tara

Though Tara's been trying to reject her fang-filled ways these days, Jessica is about to enlighten her on the joys of being a vampire. Check out the clip here!

8. Sneak Peek: Bill and Eric's iStakes Are Activated

It seems Bill and Eric's quest to find Russell Edgington has a new deadline. They have 'til dawn before they discover how painful an iStake can be. Check out the clip here!

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