DeAndre Brackensick on His American Idol BFF and the Unusual Item He’s Bringing on Tour
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American Idol

DeAndre Brackensick on His American Idol BFF and the Unusual Item He’s Bringing on Tour

The falsetto-loving DeAndre Brackensick bowed out of American Idol at a respectable eighth place. Now joining the rest of the Top 10 on the American Idols Live! Tour, Deandre spoke to reporters at a press junket for the summer tour and discussed what he would change about the Idol process, who would be a great replacement for judge Jennifer Lopez if she leaves, and who his best friend on tour is:

Wetpaint Entertainment: Congratulations, I heard you graduated.

Deandre Brackensick: Yes, I did. I graduated

Did you have a party?

Yeah, the party was nice. A lot of people I didn't know showed up.

Was it like in the movies where things get trashed?

Oh, no, no. It was like a Hawaiian party. So a lot of Hawaiian music and stuff because I grew up with that kind of stuff. So that's what it was.

Like a comedian, are you now expected to sing at all family events?

Oh, my gosh, yeah. I can't even sit down.

Are there certain requests that people want more than another?

Yeah. Like certain songs and stuff, but I’ll do it though.

What's the go-to song — the song they want to hear from you?

“Master Blaster.” “I Like It.”

Will those be on tour with you?

I can't say.

Did you get input in what you do on the tour? Obviously, you’ve done stuff on the show that you like more than other songs. So when you sat down to go over the tour, do you get to pick what you want to do?

I get somewhat, but they kind of give you the song, which is fine. I love the songs. I really wanted to show my falsetto, but I don't really get to at all. So hopefully after touring, I get to, find to somewhere I can put it.

Now that you've been on the show, what's the one thing you would change either behind the scenes or the format or anything?

The voting. On the show, I think you should vote as many times as how many people are there. So if there's like ten people, you vote ten times. If there's nine, you vote nine. So I think it would be more fair that way because for people like me, that cater to more of the older crowd, they're not going to sit up all night. They're going to call one or two times, and think, “Okay. Cool. We got him.” Not like the teenage girls, which I don't really have as much. They’re not going to [vote] all night for two hours straight. So I think that for future Idols it would be nice just to set a limit.

We know that you guys love Jennifer Lopez, and we don't know if she's coming back. Who would you like to see as a judge if that was the case, if she didn't come back. Who do you think would make a good replacement?

Mary J Blige would be cool. Stevie Nicks is the best in the world. But she's doing her thing right now, so I don't think she would do it, but she was my favorite consultant ever.

Many, many weeks ago, when you first made the tour, we asked what the one thing you were taking on tour with you was, and you said your ukulele, is that still the same?

Yeah. My ukulele, and my comb.

Do you think you're still pretty much the same person you were before Idol?

Yeah. I'm always going to be DeAndre. You're going to see what you get. I'm me.

Who's the biggest diva now?

I think we all have our diva moments. It just depends on what we’re put in. We all have them. I have them. Everybody has them.

Have you become more friends with anybody as this process after the show?

Everybody's really, really cool.
Jessica's my best friend, has been my best friend since the beginning. But we're really close. We're really, really close. That's why like even rehearsals are so much fun because it's like camp, so much fun.

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