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Pretty Little Liars

Spoilers, Maya’s Cousin & Possible New Ships: Pretty Little Liars Week in Review 7/6

Here’s what happened in the world of Pretty Little Liars this week.

- Is Nate really Maya’s cousin? We had our doubts, for various reasons, but PLL scribe Andy Reaser assures us that Nate is her cousin. Or, at least, a boy named “Nate” is Maya’s cousin! ::adjusts tinfoil hat::

- Spoilers ahoy! Check out the spoiler-heavy Canadian preview for next Tuesday’s episode and then check out our sneak peek roundup.

- Um, speaking of omg-worthy spoilers: Are Mona and Jenna working together?

- We interviewed the wonderful Norman Buckley about all the literary and film references on PLL. There are a lot! Watching an episode of PLL is like sitting in on an English class. Well, almost.

- There was no new episode this week (boo!) but showrunner Marlene King gave us some hints on where to look for clues in past episodes. Bust out those DVDs everyone!

- Wren and Hanna have been getting awfully close this season. Could there be a future for Wranna? Well, we’ll have to see.

- Want one more spoiler for the weekend? Meet Ella’s new love interest! What do you think: hotter than Byron?

Catch an all-new episode of PLL on Tuesday, July 10 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC Family.

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