Keeping Up With the Kardashians Recap of Season 7, Episode 8: Khloe Kardashian Is Back!
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The Kardashians

Keeping Up With the Kardashians Recap of Season 7, Episode 8: Khloe Kardashian Is Back!

Across the country, Scott takes Rob — who he adorably calls Bobby — with him to New York. Scott’s excited to be back in his home state and has agreed to appear at the Sweet 16 party. Evidently, he’s big with teens. He might not be Twilight status, he says, but he’s still happy about having some fans.

Meanwhile, Khloe, Kris, Bruce, and Lamar all meet up for a reunion lunch. Khloe and Kris arrive first, and Kris not so subtly drops hints that she really wants Khloe to join the gang for Scott’s big opening. “This is a big, big deal,” she notes. Khloe can read between the lines and notes and says, “My mom just can’t help herself.”

When Lamar arrives, everyone’s happy to see him. He’s had a rough year, and who better to chat with him about the struggles of an an athlete than an Olympian? Lamar oh-so-sweetly gives his wife a compliment first thing. No wonder she’s so in love with the guy; he’s a doll to her. Bruce talks about his experience preparing for the big games and how he came to realize just how important athleticism was in his life. It affects what you do, what you eat, everything. He remembers a time when fear of losing was all consuming. He had to come to terms with the thought that he might not win and realized he’s not going to die if it happens. Once he was able to accept it, he went on to break tons of records. “I had to have enough confidence in myself as a human being to recover,” he says.

Lamar and Khloe are both receptive to Bruce’s extremely appropriate and uplifting story and even Khloe gives him credit for the “good story.” “From now on I gotta use my time wisely and get back,” Lamar says. Bruce suggests they hit the golf course a little too!

Kendall later comes to Bruce with a problem. The Range Rover’s got a flat. Bruce offers to drive her wherever she needs to go, but she’s not too interested in that option. Instead, he teaches her how to hook up the air machine and get it going for now. She’s impressed he had the tools to avoid the shop. Kendall and Kylie are off to the mall at last!

New York gets a little crazier when Scott and Rob meet up with two of his buddies, Chris and Tom. Scott’s eagle eye spots a woman who looks like a young Kris Jenner, and he calls her over for a pic with Rob. Rob thinks Scott’s gonna get canned from his Sweet 16 gig once the father figures out he’s a perv.

Kendall, meanwhile, finds out that Bruce had her car taken to the shop without letting her know first. She thinks it’s weird, and now she’s going to have to ride with dad. Every teenage girl’s dream, right? Bruce takes the girls around and reminisces about a time when he used to drive their carpool to preschool. The conversation then gets a little weird when he brings up her upcoming prom. Kendall doesn’t think she’ll get asked, but Bruce says if he was in her high school he would’ve asked her. Being the strong, handsome athlete that he was, he says she’d have been delighted. Yep. That is awkward. Kendall wants her car back pronto, but Bruce is enjoying the company.

Khloe stops by to speak with Kim, who’s got a nice little present for her as well as a request. She wants to get the whole family together for dinner, including Lamar. Khloe’s hesitant about even that, noting that he has an intense training schedule ahead of him. According to her, the whole decision to come back to L.A. came with the idea that he’s going to be training out the wazoo. She also doesn’t want to ambush him with the whole family when he’s just returned. “We’re his family,” Kim insists. Khloe’s not making any commitments, though, and when she goes to leave, Kim literally wraps herself around Khloe’s leg to hang on for just a few more minutes. “You’re like a little Chihuahua humpin’ my leg,” Khloe jokes, and then she’s off to help Lam Lam train.

On the way, Lamar lets a big one rip, per usual. At least he’s in good spirits! They get a good workout in the hills, and she’s excited to join him for his training. The two obviously want a change of luck from the past season with the Mavs.

Back in New York, Scott and Rob are on the way to the Sweet 16 when they happen upon a bachelorette party. They decide to crash it, and the girls play along for a little while. Rob’s not too thrilled with the fact that Scott’s already dancing on tables.

Keeping Up With the Kardashians Recap of Season 7, Episode 8: Khloe Kardashian Is Back!
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After saying goodbye to the bachelorette, they make way to the birthday bash for a girl named Ashna. She’s happy to have them at her party, and Scott thinks everyone’s enjoying his company. Rob’s not convinced though, and thinks Scott might go too far for the conservative crowd. He offers up a code word solution — Scott picks “Red Eagle” — to the problem, and he’ll use it whenever Scott’s nearing the line. It doesn’t take long before he’s belting it out again and again.

Things cool down pretty quickly, though, once Scott starts chatting with the birthday girl’s father and meets the youngest daughter Aria. It hits him that he’s going to be in this guy’s same boat before he knows it, now that has a daughter on the way. After the party’s done, Rob congratulates him on behaving well overall. “You looked like a respectable father, you sick pr*ck,” he jokes.

Back in L.A., Bruce takes the reluctant duo Kendall and Kylie out for some frozen yogurt. They’re not really playing along with his father-daughter bonding time effort, and in fact she asks why he won’t get her a rental car while her car is in the shop. He says he doesn’t want to waste money on a rental, but it’s obvious he’s just trying to steal some time with the gals before they flutter off into adulthood. They’re his last two, of course.

Kim and Kourtney meet up with Khloe at her place for a few glasses of wine and offer her up ten reasons why she should go to New York with everyone. Those ten bleed together into a mush of “We miss you” and “You miss us” and “We need you,” essentially, but Khloe’s tired of holding everyone’s hands. She’s not ruling it out, per se, but she’s definitely not booking her flight just yet.

Kendall and Kylie, meanwhile, wanna trek to the mall with some friends but don’t want Bruce to take them. Kendall decides to give the shop a ring and discovers that the car has been ready for two days. This is not what she expected to hear. They decide to confront Bruce. When the girls ask him when the car will be done, he says it will be a couple more days. That’s when they come clean and admit to knowing the truth. He fesses up to feeling like they don’t need or want to be around him anymore, and the girls are saddened by his feelings. “You don’t have to like take my car away to hang out with us,” she says. “I just feel like you guys don’t need me anymore,” he pouts. Kylie promises, “Dad we still need you.”

Khloe touches base with Lamar’s agent, who tells her the mission is to just train, train, train. Her phone’s been blowing up during the call by Kris, who wants to once again assert that it’s important for her to go to New York with everyone, and she wants some one-on-one time with her. Kris says she needs some Khloe time, and Khloe fires back: “You know what — I need some Khloe time because right now I don’t have it.” Yow! Khloe then approaches Malika about the situation and explains that she doesn’t think her family understands the pressure she’s under.

Kourtney and Kim are also busy discussing the matter over lunch, and they come to the conclusion that since Lamar’s been through so much and lost so many people in his life that Khloe’s stepping into everyone’s role for him. She’s trying too hard to be the perfect wife, they think, and she “loves” being Lamar’s everything.

Kendall calls Bruce in to help her with the bathroom lights. Bruce guffaws at Kris’ eccentric lighting choices and offers to try a light store to find replacement bulbs. Kendall points out, “See Dad? I do need you!” He’s not terribly thrilled that it’s just for lighting problems. Kendall makes up for it by asking him to join them walking the dogs. He’s pleased with that one for sure.

Speaking of cherishing moments — or not, as the case may be — Kim and Kourtney decide to ambush Khloe again about the trip to New York. Side note: Wasn’t Kourtney just throwing a fit about going to the Dominican Republic two episodes ago? Anyway, Kim points out that Khloe’s missed a ton of functions, particularly three Christmases in a row.

Khloe’s a little miffed by this because, as she recalls, the last Christmas she missed was spent in a hotel room trying to make the best of it, so it was no fun for her either. When Kim pushes further by demanding that she has no excuses about hanging out once Lamar’s playing basketball in L.A. again, she explodes: “Fine, no exceptions next year. F*ck off.”

Kim decides to bring up the real conclusion she and Kourtney drew at lunch and asks whether Khloe feels the need to make up for Lamar losing his mother and other family members. Khloe says no, her behavior toward Lamar is just the way she is. The girls think Khloe ends up putting herself in an Odom bubble, making everything perfect for Lamar while sacrificing time with the her family. Khloe’s not ashamed of it, and notes that neither of them have room to talk about her relationship choices. “Kim’s system is not really working… Kourtney and her boyfriend don’t even sleep in the same room anymore.”

So when the subject of New York comes up again, she makes a decision. She’s not going. There’s been too much harassment and pressure and she’s done. “So guess what: I am an Odom. Bye Kardashians!” she says as she exits.

Needless to say, this matter is to be continued …

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Keeping Up With the Kardashians Recap of Season 7, Episode 8: Khloe Kardashian Is Back!
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Tonight’s episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians was, as the title indicates, all about adjustments. Khloe’s back in Los Angeles now with hubby Lamar Odom, everyone’s working to make Scott Disick feel more included in the Kardashian brood, and Bruce Jenner wants to hang with his youngest daughters Kendall and Kylie. So, how does it all pan out for the gang? Let’s take it from the top.

The episode begins at Kourtney and Scott’s house. Kim’s being cute with Mason, but then she’s got some news. Lamar’s been released from the Dallas Mavericks. The decision was mutual and he’s not making any excuses, but he won’t be playing basketball for the rest of the season. At the moment, he’s still contracted with the team but he won’t be going back. Now that Khloe and Lamar will be moving back to L.A., Kim hopes “fun Khloe” will come back around now. Even Scott notices she’s been down lately. Kourtney hopes she’ll get back into her groove “and become the Khloe that I’m obsessed with.”

Kim asks whether Scott’s nervous about having a daughter. “A father-son relationship is way different than a father-daughter relationship,” she says. He feels good about it. Dropping the heavy, they go back to making funny faces with Mason. Cute stuff.

Cut to the Jenner house, where Kim picks on Scott for adjusting himself. Rob and Kim joke about “Thong Thursday,” which Rob calls a Twitter reference (fun fact: it’s about Coco, wife to rapper Ice-T). Scott mentions that he’s been hired to host a Sweet 16 party in New York City. Kim knows Scott can be inappropriate, so she’s a little concerned about whether he can keep it together (and stop touching his privates in public) enough for the party. He knows he’s not appropriate for that kind of bash, says they’re paying him so he’s not going to pass it up.

Rob tells Bruce about the news. Scott wants Rob along, and Kris especially wants him to go to keep him in check. Bruce thinks it’s “absolutely ridiculous.” Bruce changes the subject to his relationship with Kendall and Kylie, noting that they’re hitting the road and have little to do with him. Now that they’re driving, he doesn’t see them too much. “I’ve been raising kids for 33 years… I think it’s the toughest with the last two, Kendall and Kylie,” he says. He also notes that they can be a little secretive about what they’re up to on Facebook and the like. Rob tells him that there are some things dads just shouldn’t hear about, but Bruce wants to know everything.

Khloe’s back! She’s not sure whether to be happy about her move back to Los Angeles or not because there’s a lot to do. It’s an absolute whirlwind with unpacking, getting Lamar back on an exercise routine, and the like. But she’s okay with it… for now. “In my family, I feel like whirlwinds happen all the time,” Khloe explains. True enough, sister!
Kris welcomes her back with a bevy of balloons. For her, there’s been a huge hole since Khloe and Lamar left town. “It feels empty without them here in Los Angeles,” she admits.

During their dinner, Kourtney brings up with the situation with Scott. On Season 7, Episode 7, Scott expressed his frustration with the family and says he doesn’t feel like a completely included member, especially since Kourtney won’t marry him even with baby number two on the way. Kourtney wants to make it better by supporting him during his restaurant opening in New York. She wants the whole family to show, but Khloe’s hesitant about it because she literally just got back and has a million things to do. Kourtney’s annoyed. She thinks Khloe might put too much emphasis on being a supportive wife to Lamar. Khloe agrees to at least think about it, but she can’t make any promises.

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