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Naya Rivera’s Twitter Q&A With Fans: What Is Her Favorite Band?

We know that Glee’s Naya Rivera (Santana) is currently laying down tracks for her first solo album — and we know that her co-star Dianna Agron (Quinn) thinks the songs are fantastic — but other than that, we’re still a bit in the dark as to what we can expect to hear.

Luckily, Naya talked about her album during a Twitter Q&A with fans on July 5. Read what she had to say, and hear plenty of other fun Naya facts, below!

GleekInOz@NayaRivera what music genre is your album?
Naya Rivera@FullOGlee1 dance pop

NayaRiveraLover@NayaRivera are you excited for your new album just as much as your fans? :') we can't wait!
Naya Rivera @i_wants_my_snix Yes, extremely. You all have been so patient and I want you to hear something soon

Naylin @NayaRivera What's your favorite animal?
Naya Rivera @aylinlovesglee Penguins!

Naya RiveraBest grown up day ever. A trip to home depot for gardening supplies and a home made dinner. Except for the finger cut it was an awesome day
om @NayaRivera Did you cut your finger while making dinner?
Naya Rivera@jamohnit Yup, while opening a cheese package

Naya Rivera Army @NayaRivera what did you make for dinner?�
Naya Rivera@NAYAarmy A recipe from barefoot contessa! Pasta with lobster and fresh corn.

CrissColferObsessed. @NayaRivera favourite nail colour ?! :)
Naya Rivera @Colfertonic OPI Big Apple Red. Or OPI bubble bath

A NAYA ME RESPONDEU@NayaRivera What is your favorite band Naya? I love you
Naya Rivera @Delerdalovato Coldplay

vivien luu@NayaRivera what color is your toothbrush?
Naya Rivera@snixxxx PINK!

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07.9.2012 / 05:30 PM EDT by Beth Douglass
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