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True Blood

Will Sam and Luna Die on True Blood?

A few weeks ago, spoiler king Michael Ausiello of TV Line teased his readers with an upcoming True Blood death. Although he wouldn't say who, he did promise that Arlene was not the victim.

After tonight's episode, "Let's Boot and Rally," we're fairly certain Ausiello was referring to Sam or Luna. The on-again-off-again lovers were shot in Luna's front yard by a group of masked vigilantes before they had time to shift and escape. Fortunately, Luna's daughter, Emma, was able to transform into werewolf form before the shooters took her down.

Luna appears to have taken two bullets — one in her arm and the other in her chest — while Sam took one in the abdomen. Sam remained conscious just long enough to warn Emma to run away, but he soon rolled over on his back and passed out. Luna's eyes were already closed.

Considering Ausiello said death and not deaths, we're going to assume one of them lives. And since Merlotte's seems to be the only joint in town that serves food, we're betting on Sam. Plus, he already loves playing Barbies with Emma.

Do you think Sam will live?

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07.9.2012 / 08:02 AM EDT by Lindsay Dreyer
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