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Jersey Shore

5 Reasons Why Sammi and Ronnie Should Just Stay Together Forever

Today (July 9), we reported that Sammi and Ronnie made it through filming the tumultuous Jersey Shore Season 6 without breaking up. With rumors swirling that Season 6 may be the final season of the show with the original cast, we’re getting a little sentimental about our favorite on-again, off-again love story.

Here are five reasons why we think SamRon should never break up (or scream “Done!” in each other’s faces) again.

1. There is no competition. When Sammi and Ronnie have tried to hook up with other people in past seasons, they were mostly doing it out of revenge for each other. And ever since they met during the summer of 2009, neither of them has dated anyone else seriously. Plus, they look so good together, that it’s hard for us to imagine either of them with another person.

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2. They already took a long break to work on themselves. Both Ronnie and Sammi explained that they broke up after filming Seasons 4 and 5 back-to-back, because they needed to work on themselves and their own individual careers. Aside from being a very mature decision, they clearly discovered that they still loved each other enough to get back together again.

3. They have the same friends. And those friends are probably the most fun group of meatballs, guidos, and guidettes in America.

4. They take care of each other. We’ve seen Ronnie reign Sam in when she has a few too many and winds up in a floor fight, and we’ve seen Sammi put her spectacles on and take Ronnie to the butt doctor. That’s love!

5. Snooki’s baby needs a playmate. We know, we know — JWOWW and Roger will have a baby in the next few years to keep Snooki’s little meatball company. But why not add another very tan buddy into the mix? That way, when Jersey Shore Season 26 is looking for a new cast, MTV will have three legacies ready to go!

Don’t you think these two should just stay together for the long haul?

Want more Jersey Shore? Catch the next episode of Snooki & JWOWW on on Thursday, July 12 on MTV.

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